Mission Statement:

Ageless Derma is founded by Dr. Mostamand to offer healthy premium skincare as healthy skin is glowing skin. We use this principle as our guide for formulating professional healthy skincare and makeup with highly effective proven ingredients such as Vitamin C, Retinol, Peptides and other organic and natural ingredients. Dr. Mostamand made professional and premium skincare affordable by cutting off the middleman and passing the saving directly to the consumer.   

Our Story

At Ageless Derma, we believe we are making something special happen. Our line of Professional skincare products incorporates an important philosophy: promoting overall skin health by delivering the most advanced biotechnology and natural ingredients to all of the skin's layers in a fair price. This attitude still resonates today with our founder, Dr. Farid Mostamand, nearly ten years after he began his journey to provide the best skincare options for people who want to have healthy and beautiful looking skin at any age.

In 2004, Dr. Mostamand opened Focus Medical Spa in Orange County, California, offering a wide array of non-invasive procedures. Only two years later, the Spa saw the launch of DrSkinSpa.com, an online skincare retail store with over 4,000 professional products. Through many conversations with clients worldwide, and as a result of his own ongoing  research while writing his book, Ageless Skin Obsession, he came to realize that many skin care products were either entirely ineffective or performing well below expectations. As a result of his efforts, a new Skincare brand entered the skincare arena in 2010, our very own Ageless Derma