Ageless Derma Targets the Argireline in an Anti Wrinkle Cream

Why Do Dermatologists Hate This Ingredient That Women Love?

The innovative skin care company, Ageless Derma, has incorporated a unique hexapeptide, Argireline®, into their Stem Cell and Peptide Anti Wrinkle Cream.  The benefits of adding Argireline  to the company’s wrinkle cream are multifaceted, the most obvious being the substance’s ability to work on wrinkles in a similar way as Botox® does, but without the pain of a needle.

Because Argireline (pioneered by the scientific research and development company Lipotec) has now been shown to be effective on wrinkles when contained in a wrinkle cream, dermatologists are finding that patients are opting for a wrinkle solution such as this, rather than undergoing injections or other invasive techniques to smooth out wrinkled skin.  Not only does a wrinkle cream containing Argireline® work on wrinkles, but it is also less expensive and takes less time out of your day than dermatologist’s office visits and fees do.  This peptide is made up of natural amino acids and is not toxic or harmful to humans.

When muscle contraction is blocked, facial lines and wrinkles cannot be formed.  Clinical studies performed on female subjects using a wrinkle cream containing Argireline found the depth of their wrinkles to decrease by up to 60% after 30 days of use.  The same wrinkle formation mode of action is targeted with the use of Argireline as that used with Botox® injections. 

Ageless Derma has found that their customers overwhelmingly prefer using and anti aging skin care cream to reduce and prevent wrinkles over visiting their dermatologists for ongoing muscle relaxing injections. 

On the Dr. Oz medically-based television show, Argireline was featured as a product that works like Botox in a cream, working especially well on Crow’s feet.  The news magazine show advised customers to look for Argireline in a 5%-10% concentration in their chosen wrinkle cream.  In a clinical study conducted at a Spanish University and published in an international medical journal, Argireline proved to have a potency similar to Botox.  Scientists found that the ingredient, when included in a wrinkle cream such as the one produced by Ageless Derma, was nontoxic and exhibited anti-wrinkle effects in addition to being a safe alternative to Botox.

The skin care product line produced by Ageless Derma has taken Argireline® a step further by teaming it up with other peptides in their wrinkle creams.  When joined together with peptides such as Vialox® Powder (a pentapeptide-3), Syn®-Coll ( a collagen producer), and Matrixyl 3000 ( a collagen synthesizer), Ageless Derma’s wrinkle cream becomes more powerful against wrinkles.  They have also added plant stem cell technology and Coenzyme Q10 to further invigorate the anti aging product line.  All of Ageless Derma’s youth restoring facial creams work together synergistically to reduce wrinkles and produce smooth hydrated skin that looks more youthful with no injections necessary.

The anti aging skin care company has given women the Botox® results they desire without the anxiety, expense and discomfort of injectables.