Ageless Derma Uses Latest Technology For Airless Jar, Keeping Ingredients More Potent and Germs Out

The Ageless Derma skin care company strives to keep its products as natural and ecologically friendly as possible, while ensuring the effectiveness of its anti aging products.  The company now uses a newly developed airless pump to package a range of its goods.  By using this innovative pump, the sensitive ingredients found within the products make very little contact with air and direct sunlight—two potentially damaging items for the natural ingredients contained in the Ageless Derma line. 

Because the product is pumped out of the airless jars, germs and other contaminants that may be on the consumer’s hands cannot taint the cream or gel either.  The creams are packaged under vacuum, where there is no air intake in order to dispense it.  The skin care cream is sealed from its external environment.  According to a cosmetics business site*, airless jar formulations are necessary, especially for those products containing ingredients that may deteriorate over time such as Vitamin C or Retinol, which is a form of Vitamin A.  The need for  preservatives is reduced, there is less product waste, and more aesthetically pleasing design packages can be made.

This new technology ensures that all of the innovative ingredients found in Ageless Derma’s approach to anti aging skin care remain potent and active, without the company having to resort to the use of harmful preservatives found in other anti-aging ranges.  Ageless Derma’s line of anti aging skin are products contains no parabens or toxic preservatives. 

The natural ingredients contained within the Ageless Derma anti aging products are scientifically proven to work.  By blocking oxygen from the skin cream’s ingredients with the airless jar, the integrity of those ingredients are kept intact.  They remain fresher and more potent when a lessened amount of air, sunlight, and other contaminants cannot get inside the container, as often happens with jars and bottles that can be open to the invasion of these toxins that destroy and lessen the effectiveness of ingredients. 

The natural ingredients contained in the Ageless Derma, doctor formulated line of skin care products are sensitive yet hardworking forces against aging.  Many of the company’s ingredients stem from botanicals, such as plant stem cells, the daisy flower, and green tea extracts.   The company uses BelidesTM, a daisy flower extract containing no unnatural preservatives, as a key ingredient in their skin brightening cream.. 

Other natural ingredients that Ageless Derma protects with its new technologically advanced airless jar include vitamins, peptides, and fruit juice extracts.  These essential ingredients in a fine anti aging cream will not dissipate or be spoiled using the airless pump technology.  There is also less waste of product using this new type of jar.  Only as much as is needed is pumped out by the user.

Ageless Derma’s customers will receive a more potent product with less waste with their new airless pump packaging.  Always on top of the latest technological innovations, Ageless Derma continues to enhance its anti aging creams for their loyal customer base.