Are Dark Spots, Age Spots and Freckles Aging You?

We are born with beautiful, flawless skin.  As we age, our skin does, too.  By the time we turn 20, we are introduced to beginning stages of fine lines, dark circles, and brown spots. Although changes occur slowly and are not instantly evident, every decade brings more noticeable effects of the years past.

It is imperative to prevent the end result of aging by stepping up to the plate and take action before the effects are too permanent to fix.  Keep your skin youthful by arming yourself with t he proper products. 

First, it is important to understand the problems before trying to cure them:

  Hyper pigmentation: These are dark spots caused by an overproduction of melanin.  This increase in melanin can be caused by the sun and aging.  Possible other causes can be post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and foods that have psoralens.   Pregnancy hormones can also cause melasma, which results in dark spots on places like the Forehead, nose, and cheeks. 

  Age spots: One sign that skin is damaged is the onset of dark spots.   These are black or brown spots evident on sun-exposed skin 

·         Freckles: Caused by the increased production of melanin, these are brown spots that appear on people with fair complexions when they are exposed to the sun.  Sometimes freckles are small, other times they blend into other freckled areas and form large spots. 

It doesn’t matter which problem or problem you have, you can correct your skin by using a brightening or lightening cream.  Overwhelmed by all the products in the market that claim to work wonders for your skin?  It is important to know what ingredients to look for effectiveness and safety.

The best bet is to look for natural products.  Many products are filled with harmful chemicals that can cause serious health problems since they are absorbed through the skin.  Here are good ingredients to look for:

  Net-DG Licorice Root: This is a derivative of the licorice root that has anti-inflammatory properties.  This powder is dissolved in a blend of ethanol and water for fast effectiveness.

§        BV-OSC: This skin whitening ingredient is rich in Vitamin C and therefore is very beneficial to the skin. It can protect you from the harmful UV rays of the sun, giving you a less tanned complexion than otherwise. It also gets rid of the dark spots under the eyes and any face blemishes. It also protects the skin’s natural store of collagen and helps in treating acne.

 Bio White Mulberry Grape Juice: A blend of botanical extracts of Mulberry, Grape, Saxifraga and Scutellaria root.  This blend is so powerful that it can naturally and safely lighten the skin and leave a beautiful glow

Belides Daisy Flower: This is a derivative of daisies and it helps eliminate dark spots and freckles by halting the production of melanin.  

Alpha Arbutin: This lightener is a derivative of leaves of cranberry, mulberry and blueberry plants. This extract lightens skin and provides a shield of safety against the suns harmful effects.

§    Niacinimides:  Contains high Vitamin B content. Lightens skin and eliminates age spots and effects from the sun. This ingredient works best as a topically applied ointment.