Argireline is an ingredient in some anti-wrinkle cosmetic products that are on the market. These products are applied to the skin. Argireline is actually the trademark name for acetyl hexapeptide-3, a molecule. It is essentially part of a peptide chain, with peptides being tiny pieces of proteins which are what life is basically made up of. Argireline is made up of a chain of six amino acids or proteins. It is likened to being a brief version of Botox in that it is a peptide that is not as long as the Botox peptide string.

This ingredient, Argireline, works to help rid the deep creases, wrinkles and lines around the forehead and the eyes, such as those found in Crow’s feet. When Argireline is added to a chemically-made cosmetic compound, it works by slowing the muscles that cause the face to smile, frown, or make other facial expressions, similar to the way that Botox works. By relaxing any tension on the face, lines and wrinkles are much less likely to form in the first place. Neurotransmitters in the brain tell our facial muscles to tense in certain situations and Argireline inhibits these neurotransmitters, letting the muscles relax. When this ingredient is combined with other cosmetic components, it can make for a wonderfully moisturizing, anti-aging and skin-resurfacing product.

Clinical experiments have shown creams containing 10% Argireline to reduce the depth of wrinkles in 27% of women tested. With an even lesser concentration of the ingredient (5%), women were still seeing a reduction in lines and creases, but by a lesser amount (17%).

Advantages of Argireline:
Products containing Argireline tend to be a milder and less expensive alternative to using Botox alone. It has the advantage of being able to target the desired lines, creases or wrinkles in a different way from the Botulinum Toxin, basically Botox.

The ingredient does not need to be injected as it is contained within a cream.

Argireline is composed of natural amino acids which are found in all living things and is mild and gentle to use.

Because you only need to apply the creams to troubled spots, it saves the pain, time and expense of going to a dermatologist for injections. All of this makes Argireline products less invasive to use, especially when compared to the injections needed for Botox treatments.