Be Wise and Lighten Up


We all want to look healthy, with bright, radiant facial skin that is evenly toned.  Not everyone, however, is lucky enough to have such a brilliant complexion.  Many of us will develop or already have dark spots on the face, also known as age spots or liver spots.  Some of us have entire areas of the facial skin that is a different tone from the rest of the face.  Others, still, will have marks from acne that are brown or red in color.  Hormones can also discolor the skin.  Some pregnant women experience the “mask of pregnancy.” 

Many of us want to finally do something about these issues and we seek out a skin lightening cream or gel.  But not all skin-lightening creams are equal.  They even have a variety of different names to identify what they are.  You will find such items as bleaching creams, lighteners, whiteners, skin brighteners, fade creams and more on the shelves to rid you of your dark spots.   The problem is that not all of these skin lighteners are safe to use. 

The color your skin takes on is determined by the amount of melanin you have.  Melanin is color, or pigment.  If you have very light skin, you have less melanin than those with darker skin.  The amount of melanin you have is pretty much determined by your genetic makeup.  But there are other factors that can influence your melanin production.  Being exposed to the sun will produce more melanin, darkening your skin, or, in the case of overexposure, giving you a red sunburn and damaging the skin greatly.  Hormone fluctuations, as in pregnancy, can mess up your melanin production.  Certain chemicals can also change your melanin levels.  Exposure to the sun is probably the number one cause of dark spots on the face, though.  Even if the sun exposure was more prevalent twenty years ago, the spots will show up on your face as you get older. 

Practice safe skin lightening and first check the safe skin lightening products’ label for mercury in order to avoid the potential for dangerous mercury poisoning.  A safe skin lightening cream should contain natural ingredients that gently lighten your skin.  Safe skin lightening is your only real option if you want to ensure your health and see results.

If your skin is sensitive, be especially careful.  Use a sensitive face wash on a daily basis.  To moisturize your face, be sure to use a sensitive face cream.  And when it comes to fading your dark spots or uneven pigmentation, opt for safe skin lightening.  Look for safe skin lightening products that contain natural ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin A, or niacin (vitamin B3).  Herbs such as licorice root and natural acids like glycolic acids are good choices.  Kojic acid is derived from a fungus and it is an excellent skin brightener.  Arbutin is found in plants and is another natural skin lightener that is safe.  Some safe skin lightening ingredients come from flowers, like the daisy.

While you are fixing your dark spots, you will also be making yourself look years younger with certain products.  There are some safe skin lightening products that also work as anti aging products.  Take Ageless Derma Anti Aging Skin Brightener, for example.  This excellent safe skin lightening cream uses only natural ingredients. In this cream you will find arbutin, Belides (from the daisy flower), fruit juice extracts, Vitamin C, licorice root extract and Vitamin B Niacinamide.  It all adds up to a brighter, more radiant complexion that is safe for your skin.

Do your homework, be smart, and read ingredients labels.  Rule out creams that are not safe skin lightening products and be healthy.