The Most Effective Skin Whitening and Skin Brightening Cream

Skin whitening products used to be perceived as being toxic however this is a point of view that now needs some correcting. Contemporary skin lighteners just simply do not have the same chemicals in them.

For those of you not that familiar with how these products work, you simply apply them once or twice a day to help even out the tone of the skin.  A byproduct of the lightening is that these products can also serve to make your skin look more youthful. This is because the ingredients in them lightly exfoliate the top layer of skin which forces it to produce new skin cells every day.  The best skin whitening creams can also help reduce the effects of damage from taking in too much sun.

On top of all of these benefits the best skin whiteners will also be able to smooth out the look of liver spots, scars and age spots. This is why many high quality creams and lotions for fixing sun damage and brightening skin also contain Belides.  Belides is actually a type of daisy that helps your skin tone look even and helps diminish the look of age spots.  If you have an old scar from a blemish or a lot of freckle son your skin then the active nutrient of Belides can help your skin look better.

To replace the mercury and hydroquinine that was formerly in these creams companies have been using Alpha-Arbutin.  This is an anti-oxidant formula that is extracted from plants. The fact that Aphal-Arbutin is made of nutrients rather than chemicals makes them good for the skin. The naturally occurring fruit and milk acids in the natural formula help heal the skin without causing it further trauma. The top layer of skin is gently resurfaced over a period of days by the continued application of the formula.

Another healthy extract added to the best skin lightener is licorice. Licorice helps reduce swelling and reduce irritation and redness in skin. This is crucial because the more skin is irrigated by a toxin in cream the more likely it is to increase melatonin production. Melatonin is the pigment in the skin that causes darkness and discoloration in the top layer of the skin known as the dermis. Licorice is a good-for-you attitude that is meant to replace kojic acid.  The best skin whiting formula will never have kojic acid on the label because it can cause burning and redness on sensitive skin.

To actually bleach out this skin without really bleaching it a formula made of mulberry and grape juice is part of most high end cream formulas. This combination of fruits has acids that can safely and quickly help even out your skin tone.  The high concentration of Vitamin C that naturally occurs in these antioxidant ingredients is also helpful.

Vitamins are also an important component of this type of cream or lotion.  One of the most important vitamins that should be included in any skin lightening regimen is Niacininamide which assists the skin in detoxification.  Niacinamide also plays a preventative role in preventing the skin from acquiring more skin damage.  The vitamin is so effective it can also help heal acne and reduce the look of scars and wrinkles.

One of the best skin whitening products on the market when it comes to being diligent about containing herbal ingredients is Ageless Derma skin brightening solutions. This product line does have the Alpha-Arbutin and licorice in it that helps heal damage from the sun and then whiten and brighten the skin so it is more youthful looking.

The good thing about this skin line is that it is approved by consumer organizations that approve the validity of organic cosmetics.  Not every natural or organic product line that says it is the best skin whitening product can say this.

Of course it is important to realize that even the best skin whitening cream cannot prevent cancer. If you want to avoid freckles, age spots and dull flaky skin then you should always make sure to put sunscreen on your skin before you go out.