Can an Anti Wrinkle Product Really Make Your Skin Look Younger?

This is a question that has been bounced around for a long time, about as long as anti wrinkle lotions have been on the market.  The short answer to the question is a resounding “Yes!”  But you will need the right anti wrinkle product in order to actually make you look younger and diminish your wrinkles.  The newer and more thought-provoking question is:  what do I look for in an anti wrinkle lotion that does what it claims it can do? 

An anti wrinkle product can come in various forms.  You’ll find an anti wrinkle firming cream, mask, gel and other formulations for sale that promise to help you look younger.  In general, an anti wrinkle night cream will claim to diminish wrinkles and fine lines, stimulate collagen production, even out your skin tone, retain moisture and bring back elasticity to your skin.  There are anti wrinkle lotions available today that can accomplish these tasks but you must know what to look for.

Through clinical scientific research studies, the correct mixture of natural ingredients have now been found that really will do wonders to make your skin look younger.  You may have tried an anti wrinkle mask that claimed to put youth back into your skin, but you were disappointed after using it.  Or that anti wrinkle firming cream you massaged into your face religiously never seemed to change a thing or smooth even the smallest of lines on your face.  The secret lies in doing research and looking for an anti wrinkle lotion that has the right ingredients and the science to back it up.

In recent years, the makers of anti wrinkle lotions have discovered natural ingredients that, when combined, really work to make your skin smoother, firmer, more elastic, and evenly toned.  You can iron out many of your wrinkles, lighten age spots, brighten your complexion, and have your face look younger and fuller again due to recent innovations.  Dermatologists and scientists agree that you can now find an anti wrinkle night cream that will make you look younger even as you sleep, with continued use.

So which ingredients in an anti wrinkle mask, anti wrinkle firming cream or other anti wrinkle product should you be on the lookout for? 

Search for an anti wrinkle lotion that has Coenzyme Q-10 (ubiquinone) in it.  This natural enzymatic nutrient helps cells re-energize.  It is an anti-oxidant that prevents free radical damage, helping us look younger and firmer.  The body naturally makes Coenzyme Q-10 but it diminishes its production as we age.  It’s important to prevent wrinkles caused by free radicals by using Coenzyme Q-10 in your anti wrinkle mask or lotion.

The latest buzz words in anti wrinkle lotions are peptides.  Certain types of peptides can stimulate collagen synthesis, puffing up wrinkles in a similar mode of action as injections of Botox can do but without the sting of a needle in your face!  Some peptides can actually produce new collagen for your skin, and remember that peptides can be found in our bodies naturally.  There are also penta-peptides in some anti wrinkle lotions.  These act to relax muscles, reducing wrinkles, again, much as Botox will do.  Unlike Botox, these peptides are placed within an anti wrinkle firming cream or an anti wrinkle night cream which is why you must study ingredients on the labels.

Sodium Hyaluronate is an important thing to look for in your anti wrinkle mask or cream.  Found in our skin naturally, sodium hyaluronate maintains our moisture balance, keeping the skin hydrated, smooth and less prone to wrinkling.  The aging process lessens our supply of this hydrating element and we need to replenish it with a proven anti wrinkle lotion.

One excellent anti wrinkle product that takes into account all of the ingredients mentioned and more is Ageless Derma Stem Cell and Peptide Anti Wrinkle Cream.This anti wrinkle night cream (and day cream) has a variety (at least 4) of wrinkle fighting peptides, sodium hyaluronate, and CoEnzyme Q-10 in it.  It also contains stem cells from a rare Swiss apple to prolong the look of youth.  Look at the listed scientific research on the Ageless Derma web site and gain the knowledge you need to make your skin younger.  Not only are the ingredients natural and backed up by science, but the packing is even taken into consideration.  This anti wrinkle firming cream is packaged in a jar that keeps air out, ensuring freshness and the potency of the product.