Cause and Prevention of Wrinkles Eyes

Do you know what wrinkles eyes? The truth is, there is no sure way to completely get rid of lines forming in the eye area or anywhere on the face. All the facial expressions we do cause movement and creasing zones that can eventually lead to lines forming. The only thing you can prevent, though, is the formation of wrinkles: static and deepened lines that appear even when the face is at rest.

The only way to avoid a situation that wrinkles eyes is by planning ahead. Children do not have wrinkles yet but the damage from childhood can show manifestations in later years. The teenage period is crucial. It becomes your sole responsibility to take care of your skin. You should protect it from harsh sunlight exposure and pollution.

However, not all of us can go back to the earlier years of our lives and do something about the skin problems we are experiencing now. The best way to lift eyes and prevent wrinkles is by doing our best now to maintain healthy skin. Here are a few ideas how:

  • If you want to use anti-wrinkle or anti-aging creams, get those that contain Retinol, especially Retin-A. This acid is derived directly from Vitamin A that produces collagen stimulation to renew the outer layer of the skin.
  • Live a healthy lifestyle consisting of exercise, proper diet and avoidance of vices especially smoking.
  • Lift eyes by applying sunscreen before leaving the house. This serves as skin cancer prevention and eye wrinkle prevention as well.
  • Always hydrate. You can minimize and perhaps even remove eye wrinkles by increasing water intake. This is an all natural method. Hydration keeps the skin looking supple. Skin becomes dry and prone to line formation when you do not have enough water in your system.
  • Do not deprive yourself from sleep. Skin ages prematurely when you do not get enough rest and sleep.
  • Find a nice pair of sunglasses to avoid sunlight exposure that wrinkles eyes. This will prevent the sunlight from penetrating into your skin and cause damage. Plus, it helps you avoid from squinting, a cause of wrinkle formation.
  • Eat fruits that contain high amounts of water. Drinking water is not the only way to keep hydrated. You can also eat fruits with water content such as grapes, apple, watermelon, etc. You are what you eat. If you choose to eat healthy fruits with high amounts of water, your skin will naturally look healthy, vibrant and supple.
  • Instead of using cucumber, you can also try egg whites. You can have homemade wrinkle treatment by making use of the egg whites. Lie down, relax and apply egg whites on the eye area. They tighten the area around the eyes and reduce wrinkle appearance as well.
  • You can reduce puffiness by using cucumber. Lift eyes by putting a piece or two of cucumber on the eye area for some time. This is guaranteed to reduce the swelling. The cucumber relaxes the eye area and prevents wrinkle formation.