Facial cream with plant stem cell repairing wrinkle and lines on the face


Wrinkle and lines in the face become inevitable as we age, but the struggle to delay and fight the signs of aging continues.  There is a new wave of facial cream formulations and anti-aging products that utilizes plant stem cells to help keeping the skin younger looking and smoother. The ingredient has caught the attention of many stakeholders in the skin care and anti-aging industry.

Many companies are now offering plant stem cell wrinkle cream products and sales records have been excellent because of the good reviews of the product and the excellent results many people are attesting to.  The new product began to make waves in 2010 and showed phenomenal growth in just a year after its introduction.  The comments and feedback about facial cream with stem cell technology have all been positive and the market for this anti-aging product seems to be growing exponentially.

The effectiveness of plant stem cell is its ability to increase the skin cell production of the body by almost 60%.  This percentage is way above the performance of all other anti aging and anti wrinkle facial cream currently available on the market.  Stem cell combined with other effective ingredients proven to reduce wrinkle and lines showed results comparable to a fountain of youth without the dangers of other anti-aging procedures like surgery, dermabrasion and chemical peels.

According to studies conducted by skincare experts, the plant stem cell wrinkle cream works by waking up the body’s own skin cells to make them fight the signs of aging vigorously which no other anti-aging chemical or substance has been known to do as efficiently as plant stem cell technology does it.  Originally intended for the healing of burn victims, the stem cell research were found to be effective in wrinkle and lines reduction. The technology began to be utilized for the formulation of luxury creams with mind blowing results.  Like many peptides, plant stem cells possess regenerative qualities, but with the polypeptide harvested from plants, the regeneration became unparalleled.

Manufacturers of anti-aging facial cream that use plant stem cell promise outstanding results that have never been seen before.  Scientists who conducted the tests and witnessed the results said they were staggering.  An ingredient that is capable of healing burns without visible signs or scars can definitely do wonders with deep wrinkles.  Wrinkles are considered wounds that need healing and the regeneration of newer, more elastic cells make wrinkles actually vanish.

The controversy about the use of stem cell as an ingredient is the source of the stem cells.  Experiments and laboratory testing started with the use of embryonic cells, then adult skin cells.  Presently stem cells are being harvested from plants, but the name stem cells have been tainted with the belief that the formula involves using embryonic cells.  Naturally, there are lots of adverse opinions about stem cell harvesting from human embryos.  Ethical concerns or not, the amazing results of stem cell technology during in vitro studies showed outstanding positive results in wrinkle and lines healing. 

Because the natural regeneration of the skin is a slow process which further slows down due to age, it results in the formation of wrinkles.  When new regenerative cells are applied to the skin, the skin accepts the applied cells and causes them to regenerate, dramatically increasing the speed of replacing skin cells and inhibiting the formation of new wrinkle and lines.  The process works wonderfully and even though the treatment has been considered unethical and taboo, it is gaining growing acceptance.

Ageless Derma offers plant stem cell wrinkle cream formulations with its regenerative properties.  The products are derived from plant materials and incorporated into the facial cream to regain the youthful look of facial skin.  This is the most updated trend in anti-aging and skin care formulations including epidermal healing. 

Researchers in the skin care industry turned to plant stem cell wrinkle cream formulations after the use of human cells have been banned for use on cosmetics.  Plant stem cells share many of the characteristics and attributes of the human cells.  It has been the theory that plant stem cells will be used to replace the damaged tissues of people.  When used as an ingredient in a facial cream and topically applied, these cells have the ability to reduce the evidence of sunlight damage and repair visible wrinkle and lines caused by aging.