How an Anti Wrinkle Cream Also Works on Dry Skin

Ageless Derma has launched its latest groundbreaking skin care solution to protect the skin from visible signs of aging with its Stem Cell and Peptide Anti Wrinkle Cream, featuring the inclusion of Sodium Hyaluronate for vital moisture barrier protection.  This solution to dryness and wrinkles works to hold in moisture and retain a youthful look.

The Sodium Hyaluronate that is a key element now in Ageless Derma’s anti aging wrinkle cream to retain a youthful look is also used by plastic surgeons in the form of Restylane as an injectable to reduce facial wrinkles or to act as fillers.  Ageless Derma has now given consumers an alternative to painful injections of this substance while producing similar youthful results with the use of its wrinkle cream. 

Although Sodium Hyaluronate appears naturally in the human body, it tends to dissipate with age, specifically by the age of 30 or so.  This leads to skin that is drier, thinner, and therefore more susceptible to wrinkling.  Adding additional Sodium Hyaluronate to the body can assist with lubrication, maintaining water balance and serving as a moisture barrier for the skin.  The California-based skin care company, Ageless Derma, ensures its customers of a 1% solution of this vital, key ingredient in its wrinkle cream to ensure its moisture-holding abilities.

According to a scientific study reported in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, a facial cream containing Sodium Hyaluronate reduced a reported hollowed-out and tired look, especially around the eyes, in 32% of the subjects being studied.  Thirty-seven women, aged 36 to 65, were part of the research group.  After six weeks of using the cream containing Sodium Hyaluronate, they reported reduced wrinkles, less sagging and improved skin texture by up to 28%.

Lines around the eyes referred to as Crow’s feet are smoothed and kept moisturized with the use of Ageless Derma’s Stem Cell and Peptide Anti Wrinkle Cream containing Sodium Hyaluronate. In addition to this natural substance in their anti aging skin care product, Ageless Derma has included botanical stem cells (including the stem cells of a rare Swiss apple), wrinkle-reducing peptides, and enzymes in their facial cream.  The plant stem cells integrated into the wrinkle cream are long-lasting workhorses for producing firmer skin and reducing wrinkles.  The peptides also smooth wrinkles while improving skin elasticity.

A pentapeptide that also replaces the need for an injectable is included in Ageless Derma’s facial cream.  The ingredient Vialox® Powder works as a substitute for Botox®  injections.  Now Ageless Derma has added another viable ingredient for keeping much needed moisture in the skin without the required cost and pain of an injectable.

Ageless Derma’s Stem Cell and Peptide Cream can also be marketed as a moisturizer cream, but it provides much more than that.  With the skin moisture barrier being enhanced, the vital moisture balance is retained, leaving skin silkier and softer and less vulnerable to wrinkles.  This is an anti aging wrinkle cream that offers increased moisturizing elements, keeping the skin smooth and soft while protecting against the signs of aging.