Hyperpigmentation and Ways of Treating It

As people age, they develop a condition called hyperpigmentation, which is uneven coloring in the skin. Commonly known as “age spots,” when they appear, the first thing a person reaches for is more makeup to cover them. However, makeup can do more harm to a person’s appearance than good by clogging pores. Heavy makeup also accents  wrinkles, so that even fine lines show.

What Causes Hyperpigmentation?

When skin is exposed the sun, its natural response is to darken by producing melanin in order to protect itself. As the skin ages, injuries and sun damage increase. The cells that produce melanin become unevenly spread underneath the surface of the skin. This unevenness creates the patchy skin coloration referred to as hyperpigmentation.

When free radicals from the environment are introduced, they cause even more damage to the stable skin cells. Inflammation can further harm the cells and disorders, such as porphyria, are often diagnosed by the uneven skin tone of its suffers.

How Can Hyperpigmentation Be Treated?

There are many products on the market for maturing skin that will actively reduce hyperpigmentation. These products are created to penetrate to lower layers of skin where the melanin producing cells reside. Filled with vitamins and minerals and created using the latest scientific research, they slow melanin production and capture free radicals. By deeply restoring the skin, they help to lighten areas of discoloration and provide a more even skin color. These products are suitable even for people with combination or sensitive skin.

Some products are created specifically with evening the skin tone in mind. Their work by lightening the darker areas without changing the lighter ones. Some also work by removing the dead and malfunctioning skin in order to reduce hyperpigmentation. Injured skin cells are stripped away, which allows for new, functioning skin cells to develop and for healing collagen to be produced. The fresh skin is moisturized and hydrated, while melanin production is stalled. Prevention is also a part of these formulas. Protection from more damaging UV rays provides a safeguard against future hyperpigmentation and other signs of aging.

If you have not developed hyperpigmentation, make changes in your lifestyle to prevent it from occurring now. Be sure to follow a consistent exercise regimen, provide your skin with nutrients it needs through a wholesome diet, and take care of your skin daily with products that will protect it from aging.

Hyperpigmentation is a common effect of aging. If you are already experiencing its effects, there is no need to worry. Seek out scientifically created treatments, such as Ageless Derma’s Anti-Aging Skin Brightener, which will even your skin tone and reveal your natural beauty.