Look fairer by a few shades with skin bleach

Skin discolorations can embarrass you a great deal, particularly if it is an exposed part of your body. So, it’s natural that you want to deal with it yourself rather than go to a dermatologist. Luckily for you, there are several creams that are effective and safe and that you can use without a doctor’s prescription.

If you opt for skin whitening and bleach cream, it means you don’t mind that it works slowly but perfectly. Since it works slowly, you can be in control of the situation till you achieve the desired even skin coloration. You may want to bleach skin for whatever reason, but be careful of what you do and invest time and the necessary effort to achieve the desired skin tone.

When buying a black skin lightening product, you should ensure that it contains:

•    Vitamins A & C: They restrict the production of melanin, eliminate the free radicals present, repair damaged skin and rejuvenate it.

•    Natural Vitamin E: This very strong antioxidant is renowned for fighting the onslaught of free radicals, and in the process, reducing fine lines, age spots    and wrinkles. It is used in several chemical-free products, so it is entirely dependable as an ingredient of a natural skin lightening cream.

•    Extrapone Nutgrass Root: This is the most natural ingredient of skin lightening and whitening. Research proves that this ingredient prevents the formation of the skin pigment, melanin, so you end up getting lighter skin and the right skin tone you want. Clinical trials prove that there are no side-effects from including this ingredient in a black skin lightening cream.

•    Alpha-Arbutin: This skin lightening ingredient works faster and better than others in its niche. It also creates an even tone for the skin and takes away liver spots, UV exposure and tanning.

•    Belides: Derived from daisies, it promotes even skin tone and gets rid of freckles and age spots. According to clinical trials, its effect shows at the end of 14 days of use.

•    BioWhite: This skin lightener extracted from plants like mulberry and grape, fights age spots and rejuvenates the face by stopping the use of tyrosinase which produces melanin.

•    BV-OSC: This is a form of Vitamin C and includes skin whitening. It protects the DNA and encourages the synthesis of collagen and works as an antioxidant. It decreases melanin synthesis considerably and prevents dark spots from appearing. It protects cells from the harsh  UV-B rays and fights dark spots.

•    NET-DG: This anti-inflammatory ingredient is an extract of licorice roots and is best for those with sensitive skin, as it can soothe inflamed skin, and prevent the release of histamine and safeguards hyaluronic acid within the skin’s cells. Since it contains Vitamin B, it is a great skin lightener and protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

        When choosing to bleach skin, you must take care that it does not contain the following ingredients:

•    Parabens: These chemicals are used in the cosmetics and food industries. They act as estrogen that encourages cell growth, and perhaps, cancer too. This is possible in cosmetics that stay on your face like a bleach cream.

•    Mercury: This is extremely dangerous because it gets easily absorbed through the skin, and being toxic, is very difficult to eject from the body. It is heavy and therefore remains in the organs and tissues, causing allergies to the kidneys and brain.

•    Mineral oils: They are cancerous and can dry the skin causing premature skin aging.

Effects of skin bleaching: You can get rid of your age spots, acne scars, freckles or dark patches using a skin bleach. How it works is that the cream breaks down melanin in the skin cells and lightens the area. You may set out to bleach your skin with the best of intentions, taking everything into consideration, but do take notice of these pitfalls:

Irritation: You may suffer some amount of skin irritation if you have sensitive skin, such as itching, stinging or skin reddening. Your mucous membranes can also be affected, so keep the bleach away from your mouth, eyes and nose.

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