Mineral Foundation

Let your skin finally breathe as you also anti-age and beautify your complexion with this mineral foundation makeup from Ageless Derma. This is not the type of foundation product that feels heavy and thick on your skin, which is a type of cosmetic you may have used in the past. This is a mineral-based makeup that is light and airy, yet provides you with sheer coverage and a number of other benefits to revitalize your skin’s appearance.                                                                                   

With this lightly textured foundation, you will feel almost as though you are wearing no makeup at all. If you live in a humid climate, this is a foundation that repels moisture, enabling you to feel refreshed in any warm weather condition. Your face will exhibit a certain glowing luminosity that brings sparkle and youth to mind, along with that air-brushed look that you’ve been craving.

If you want a radiant skin tone plus an excellent makeup base, you will be delighted with Ageless Derma Mineral Foundation. After all, Mother Nature herself gives this cosmetic some of its most potent ingredients. Minerals from the earth are included in this makeup to help brighten your complexion and create a lustrous, more youthful glow.

Boron nitride and mica are minerals with light-scattering qualities that will enable your skin to shimmer translucently. These mineral compounds help refract light away from your complexion, which in turn blur wrinkles and hyperpigmentation for a smoother-looking appearance.

Enjoy the included Vitamin A this form of retinyl  helps plump the skin and has antioxidant capabilities. Vitamin E is included in this foundation for its strong antioxidant properties that protect skin from free radical damage, which is one of the causes of wrinkles and lines forming on the face.

The green tea extract ingredients give you excellent antioxidant activity to slow down the signs of aging and also soothe skin, so you will look more lively and also feel silky soft. Here is a mineral foundation formulated without parabens that may be harmful to your body.

Of course, you desire a makeup that contains wonders from nature to highlight your complexion and bring your inner beauty to light. Ageless Derma gives you the silky finish you need, regardless of your skin type.