Mineral Makeup With Vitamin A, E and Green Tea

A skin treatment as well as a makeup

Ageless Derma’s Natural Mineral Makeup line contains the essential natural ingredients needed for skin health and beauty: Vitamins A & E along with green tea extracts. This unique green tea and vitamin formula provides one of the most powerful antioxidants to fight free radicals and slow the skin aging process. Ageless Derma Mineral Makeup will conceal your flaws while healing the skin underneath and preventing wrinkles.

Ageless Derma Mineral Makeup was featured at the 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards show in Los Angeles, California.

PARABEN-FREE - 100% Pure Minerals - Great For Sensitive Skin - Broad Spectrum Sun Protection - Never Tested on Animals - Potent Antioxidants to Prevent Wrinkles - Made in the USA

Mineral Makeup – What Makes It Different

We wear makeup for many different reasons. One is to enhance our natural beauty and accentuate our best features. Using makeup can help us look our best and give us confidence. Often the purpose of makeup is to cover something up such as: blemishes, uneven skin tone, brown spots, visible pores, lines and wrinkles or even scars. Whatever the reason, women have been using various forms of makeup for centuries. And for many of us it has been a long, and often frustrating, search for the “perfect” makeup.

That search has been elusive, and some women have given up altogether on makeup because of adverse side effects. If your skin is oily, and you have large pores, traditional petroleum based makeup tends to clog those pores. It can feel heavy and uncomfortable, especially in warmer weather. But there is good news - mineral makeup just may be the answer.

Mineral makeup is quite different from regular makeup and has become very popular with women everywhere, with good reason. There is a lot to like about mineral makeup. It is made from natural ingredients and does not contain preservatives, oils, dyes, parabens or fragrance, all of which can have negative side effects for some people. Mineral makeup is the right choice for women who are prone to acne since it does not contain oil.

There are many different lines of mineral makeup for you to choose from, but do check the ingredients to be sure you are getting a pure product. Ageless Derma Mineral makeup is one such cosmetic that is made from all natural minerals such as titanium oxide, zinc and iron oxides, vitamins A and E as well as green tea. Zinc oxide is both a skin protectant and an anti-inflammatory and these properties can soothe irritated skin. Produced from crushed minerals, thus its name, mineral makeup is lightweight and provides you with a natural look and healthy glow. It feels and looks like a powder, but since it isn’t, it won’t cake like traditional makeup does, and it allows your skin to breath.

The oxides in mineral makeup provide you with protection from the sun up to a SPF of 20. That is protection you can count on day in and day out, but don’t forget to also use sunscreen with a SPF of 30 or higher for full sun protection if you are going to be out in the elements for any length of time.

Many dermatologists recommend mineral makeup for their patients with acne, rosacea, or eczema because it will not irritate sensitive or damaged skin. Women who suffer from any of those conditions often had to forego makeup altogether, because it worsened their medical condition. Mineral makeup is a breakthrough for them, making it possible to use a cosmetic that can enhance their appearance without aggravating their skin condition.

Now you can feel confident that mineral makeup is a safe and effective choice. It can camouflage your particular problem areas, while giving your skin a radiant and healthy glow. You owe it to yourself to try it.