The Ageless Derma line of mineral makeup products does double duty as a cosmetic and as anti-aging skin care in your beauty regimen. Here, at last, is the cosmetic and skincare solution you’ve been looking for.

These natural makeup products are composed of key essential ingredients that enable your skin to become healthier and younger-looking as you apply blush, lip color, foundation, and more. This is a chemical-free makeup line that is actually healthy for your skin. You can apply makeup and anti-age your complexion at the same time. Your skin will look flawless and the natural ingredients in this make-up will heal and strengthen damaged skin. 

Ageless Derma mineral makeup is free of parabens and chemicals and was created using only pure minerals from the earth combined with natural ingredients. These products contain high concentrations of anti-aging green tea extracts along with Vitamins A and E.

The natural antioxidants in Ageless Derma’s mineral makeup help protect your skin against environmental pollutants that damage your skin and keep it from looking its best.  The addition of Vitamins A and E work to exfoliate and renew your skin and leave it with a silky finish.  Natural makeup from Ageless Derma does not feel thick or heavy. The minerals and green tea extracts in this makeup help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and give your skin a natural glow with an airbrushed quality.

Ageless Derma mineral makeup products have been featured on the Emmy Awards show in Los Angeles, California and on the ABC series Shark Tank with Kevin Harrington.