PhytoCell Tec-Stem Cell

PhytoCellTec is a technology that can protect skin stem cells. It is based on the stem cells of a Swiss apple tree, Uttwiler Spalauber, the apples of which are easily stored and have great longevity with little shriveling over time. The plant’s stem cells are obtained using PhytoCellTec’s technology and placed into cosmetic skin care products to guarantee that skin cells will live longer with less wrinkling. This technology helps protect human skin cells, putting off anti-aging and wrinkling of skin. The skin creams made with PhytoCellTec using these Swiss apple stem cells are also aided with the addition of Vitamins C and E.

The Swiss apple that PhytoCellTec’s technology is based upon does not shrivel, making it an excellent fruit for long storage. The apples are very rich in phytonutrients, long-living cells and proteins. This makeup enables a long shelf life and long lifetime properties.

In humans there are two types of stem cells: embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. In the field of cosmetics, research is currently being conducted on adult stem cells that are located in the skin. Protecting these skin stem cells are important to discovering ways to keep the skin looking younger for a longer period of time.

Adult stem cells in the skin can be either epithelial cells, located in the basal area of the skin, or hair bulge stem cells which are in the hair follicles. The epithelial cells can help regenerate damage to the skin and repair it.

PhytoCellTec, developed by Mibelle Biochemistry, allows for the cultivation of stem cells from rare plants, by using the same repair mechanisms that plant cells do. The resulting PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica has intense epigenetic factors and metabolites. These factors can guarantee the longevity of skin cells and protect the stem cells.

The actual PhytoCellTec process chooses a tiny piece of the plant material being used. The plant material is then damaged in order to induce the formation of calluses. These are incubated on slide plates and the developed calluses are taken and harvested in order to obtain its stem cells. These stem cells are then put into a liquid, the walls of the cells are disrupted and captured and placed into liposomes.

PhytoCellTec- Apple Stem Cells