Powerful Ingredients to Combat Your Dark Spots, Age spots And Freckles


It is a natural occurrence in women’s life for their facial skin to have spotting throughout the years.  Dark spots, age spots and freckle caused by sun’s UV Ray exposure brings unwelcomed and uneven complexions that women just don’t want.    Many women would live to correct these issues but feel the extravagant expense of surgery cannot be afforded.  These women will be happy to read on and find the option for correcting their skin problems is affordable and as easy as a click of a mouse.

The addition of the dark spots, age spots and freckles really add years to the complexion.  Thank goodness that science is on your side.  Many scientist have worked hard to find cures for these hyper-pigmentation issues that many women suffer from on a daily basis.   It has been proven that the best products with the most effective results are not those with harsh chemicals, but the ones that are nature derived.  If you know what ingredients to look for, the purchase of a product and the results that follow will be a simple process.

Lets take a look at Net-DG.  This anti-inflammatory is a licorice root derivative which also contains Vitamin B.  In addition to the anti-inflammatory results, this ingredient is also known to soothe the skin from itching in less than five minutes.  The addition of this natural product is a benefit to sensitive skin.   Histamines that cause skin to itch are activated by Hyaluronidase.  Hyaluronidase is an enzyme in your skin that is activates when inflammation occurs.   Net-DG  lessens Hyaluronidase in the skin by approximately half.

Want to eliminate those freckles and spotting caused by hyper-pigmentation? Then look for BV-OSC .  This is also called Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate and is a form of Vitamin C.  This is a scientifically proven whitening agent that, in clinical studies, has been proven to reduce acne by 80%.  In addition to clearing acne flare ups, BV-OSC  provides a protective shield against the UV rays and the harmful effects.   This amazing addition will halt skin dark spots, age spots and freckles in their tracks prior to their formation.

A daisy a day keeps the dermatologist away. It’s true!  Belides is a daisy derivative that naturally lightens the skin and even out skin tones within 14 days of applications!  Definitely look for this in a product if whitening is your goal.

Need evened-out skin tone?  Look for Alpha-Arbutin! This synthetic addition quickly eliminates dark spots, age spots and protects your skin from sun’s rays.   Clinical studies have proven that a product that adds a mere 2% of Alpha-Albutin caused 85% of subjects to have imporved skin tone and less skin dark spots.  

Don’t forget the BioWhite!! This combination of botanical derivatives ceases the production of tyrosinase.  Tyrosinase triggers the production of melanin.  This natural addition is created from mulberry and grape extractions, saxifrage, and scutellaria root.