Retinol for Dark circles and Wrinkles under eyes

When talking about skincare tools, we are not referring to hammers, scissors, or even tweezers. When we discuss the tools needed to care effectively for our skin, we are speaking about topical applications and creams that are capable of deeply penetrating the outer layers of the skin in order to get to the main cause of your skin problems and repair them. 

One of the problems many people struggle with are dark circles under the eyes. When dark circles appear, it can be from a lack of sleep, as a side effect of certain medications, because of a genetic predisposition to dark circles, because of allergies, or simply because of the aging process. If you look into the mirror and discover an older, tired face returning your gaze, you should look in to finding an eye cream that will eliminate your sleepy, raccoon appearance.

Once you have determined that you want to do something about the dark circles shadowing your eyes, do not rush out and purchase the first eye cream you find. It is always essential when choosing a skin care product of any kind to do research, read articles, and consult with a dermatologist or skin care professional.

When you are investigating eye creams, you will probably discover a bundle of information about Retinol because it is a key ingredient in most eye creams. Vitamin A in its most natural, purest form is Retinol. Retinol, and by extension Vitamin A, are essential components in any eye cream because they resolve a multitude of skin care issues that go beyond removing dark circles under the eyes. For example, Retinol penetrates the skin and encourages exfoliation of older surface skin cells. By exfoliating outer layers of the skin, Retinol unclogs your pores, which in turn allows your skin to breathe and reduces acne. By reducing the amount of acne you experience, you will also reduce the accompanying scars.

Retinol is also the most active form of Vitamin A and contributes to your skin’s overall health. Our skin cells readily absorb retinoic acid, which is an active ingredient in the Retinol compound. When Retinol containing cream is applied to your skin, it strengthens skin cells and increases their support system, which means a firmer and tighter outer surface of the skin. These creams penetrate to deep layers of the skin. When they reach the deep skin cells, they immediately begin working to create new cells and to encourage new skin growth.

Retinol is used to fight aging and the appearance of aged facial skin. Your body can produce Retinol by reducing retinal and hydrolyzing retinyl esters. It will increase the collagen production in your skin. Since collagen plumps up the skin and smoothes wrinkles and fine lines, your face will begin to look younger as more collagen is produced. Retinol is such an amazing workhorse that your skin will soon return to the color and tone it naturally had in its youth. As an added benefit, Retinol cream has amazing moisturizing properties. It is also a strong antioxidant.

Retinol is a hard-working ingredient found in many eye creams along with Vitamin K and Vitamin E. Retinol eye cream can help solve the problems caused by lines and puffiness around your eyes and produce a more radiant you. You will no longer cringe at the crow’s feet when you catch yourself smiling in a mirror. Instead, you will seek out mirrors so you can smile and see your glowing, smoother, younger looking face.

When you regularly use an anti-aging cream that contains Retinol, you will notice amazing results usually within two weeks or less but possibly as soon as a few days. Although your skin may initially appear to dry, as your skin begins to drink in the Vitamin A applications, the dryness will disappear. The initial dryness is sometimes called the retinoid effect and is nothing to be alarmed about. However, if you have concerns about any product you are using, it is always important to speak to a physician or dermatologist.

It is important to know all the facts before choosing a skin care product, but the task does not have to be challenging. By using the internet, you can research and consider a variety of companies, such as Ageless Derma, that produce quality eye creams. In addition, each site will inform you about the variety of options available for fighting off dark circles, facial skin blemishes, and other signs of aging.