Scientists Combat Your Dark Spots, Age Spots And Freckles

As women grow older, their facial skin becomes spotted with dark marks.  These age spots make for a very uneven complexion.  Most women would like to lighten these signs of hyperpigmentation, but wish to do so without resorting to any extreme methods, such as surgery.  Makeup cannot fully hide age spots, so this is a real concern for many women today. 

Another concern for women is another type of spot on the face:  freckles.  Anyone can be born with freckles but an increase of freckles can appear with exposure to the sun.  Freckles make the complexion unevenly matched in color and tone.  And exposure to the sun can also bring out dark spots. 

Dark spots, age spots, freckles and hyperpigmentation all work to make a person appear older.  Scientists have discovered ways to combat this hyperpigmentation issue.  They have found that the best creams to lighten skin tones are those made with ingredients derived from nature.  Rigorous scientific studies have proven the worth of each of the following ingredients.  Look for these specific ingredients in the skin lightening cream you need to rid yourself of dark spots and to achieve a more even skin tone.

Net-DG works as an anti-inflammatory agent.  It is derived from the licorice root.  Net-DG has been scientifically tested in humans and has been shown to be effective against inflammation.  It has been proven to reduce itching and sensitivity in skin in less than 5 minutes time after application.  Adding Net-DG to your skin care cream is a proven workhorse when it comes to treating your sensitive skin.  It works to lessen half of the hyaluronidase activity in your skin.  Hyaluronidase is the enzyme that, when your skin becomes inflamed, is activated and can cause the release of histamines.  Histamines are what can make your skin itchy, red, painful and inflamed.  Licorice root (or Net-DG) works to prevent this from happening to your skin. Net-DG also contains Vitamin B.  It will lessen any acne your skin suffers from and will help lighten your skin. It’s a fantastic addition to your skin cream, especially when you are trying to reduce any type of hyperpigmentation.

Look for BV-OSC in your skin care cream designed to eliminate freckles, dark spots, age spots or hyperpigmentation.  BV-OSC, Vitamin C, has been scientifically tested and proven as an effective whitening agent.  The scientific name for BV-OSC is Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, a form of Vitamin C, ascorbic acid.  This effective ingredient in a skin care solution for dark spots will work to lighten your skin and lessen the signs of acne as has been shown in 80% of patients participating in a clinical study.  BV-OSC protects your skin’s cells from the sun’s damaging rays that can cause hyperpigmentation, age spots, freckles and dark spots in the first place.  With BV-OSC Vitamin C you will stop hyperpigmentation and spots on your face before they can even occur. 

Who knew that the daisy flower would be helpful when it comes to lightening the skin?  When an ingredient label lists Belides as an ingredient, that is an ingredient derived from the daisy flower.  It will even out your skin tone and lighten dark spots.  Scientific studies have shown Belides to work on lightening your dark spots within 14 days of use. 

Alpha-Arbutin is the latest innovative ingredient you need to have in your skin brightening agent.  Alpha-Arbutin works quickly on evening your skin tone, eliminating dark spots and hyperpigmentation due to the sun’s rays.  Clinical studies have shown that, with 2% Alpha Arbutin in an anti-aging or skin lightening cream, 85% of subjects tested found that their skin tone was more even and dark spots were greatly diminished. 

Search for a skin lightening cream that contains BioWhite.  BioWhite is a plant-derived complex made of mulberry-grape juice, saxifrage, and Scutellaria root.  BioWhite inhibits tyrosinase activity.  Saxifraga is a plant that is grown in the artic and in certain hilly regions of Northern England.  This edible plant is also found in America’s Rocky Mountains.  Tyrosinase is the amino acid that produces melanin, the skin’s pigment producers.  In vivo studies conducted using BioWhite have shown this mulberry-grape juice complex to reduce dark spots and lighten skin as well as working as an anti-aging agent.  Clinical studies performed using BioWhite have shown a 28.6% decrease in age spot pigmentation after 12 weeks of use.