Skin Lightening, the Natural Way-skin-lightening products

Natural skin lightening has become somewhat of a beauty treatment phenomenon, though the lightening of skin is a centuries old beauty concept.

Women of color have sought natural skin lightening treatments whether for an overall color extraction, or lifting of pigment (skin color), as well as for skin lightening of specified areas or patches of skin.  Not only are darker skinned individuals seeking natural skin lightening, but also others with lightening issues simply want an illuminated, refreshed and rejuvenated skin appearance.

Natural skin lightening can be accomplished in a number of ways, such as homemade remedies as well as with the use of over the counter natural skin lightening products.

For natural, homemade skin lightening remedies to be effective, they need to contain ingredients that exfoliate, lighten, brighten smooth, soothe, and improve overall skin tone and pigment.  Any grocery store, health food store, home kitchen cabinet or refrigerator should contain the natural ingredients necessary to lighten skin in an easy and accessible way.  Natural products such as, lemons, milk, buttermilk, yogurt, egg whites, tomato juice, honey, almonds,  rosewater, fennel, chamomile and tumeric are all valuable assets in lightening skin.   These natural ingredients contain acidic and lightening properties that lighten skin without side effects, though anyone with skin sensitivity or allergy issues should perform a skin patch test to determine any adverse reactions to natural ingredients.    

Many natural skin lightening recipes are available though books, magazines and the internet.  The ingredients are assembled in such a way to form a mask consistency for direct application to the face and neck.  The mask should remain for at least 15-20 minutes and removed with tepid water.  For effectual skin lightening results, this procedure should be performed several times a week.  One such recipe combines almonds, honey and lemon.   Almonds are known for their lightening benefits and honey is a moisturizing humectant, while lemons lighten and exfoliate.  Mix a tablespoon of crushed almonds or almond powder, add a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of lemon, and apply the mixture to the face.  Allow it to remain on the skin for 15 minutes and then rinse with water.  The results are a smooth and radiant complexion.

Natural, over the counter, skin-lightening products can be used in conjunction with homemade formulations, and they are available through reputable online skin care companies, department stores, health food stores, drug stores, catalogs, cosmetic representatives and skin care spas.   One commercially made natural lightening product is Perfective Ceuticals Divine Bright.  It contains Gigawhite (processed from alpine plants) and Ethyl Ascorbic Acid (which inhibits melanin production).  The ingredients fight tyrosinase and protect against sun damage.

Another natural lightening product is Reviva Labs Skin Lightener for Day.  It is a blend of natural lightening ingredients that include mulberry, limejuice, and kojic acid.  Its ingredients are synergistically combined to lighten the skin effectively and naturally without side effects.

The lightening of skin can be accomplished in a natural way without skin irritation or damage, and with proven natural lightening ingredients, whether homemade or commercially manufactured, skin lightening can be achieved without costly medical procedures or the use of chemically based ingredients.