Anti Wrinkle Cream  With CoEnzyme-Q10 is ubiquinone, a natural nutrient enzyme

Heat, Freezing Temperatures, High Winds, and Even Clouds Can Damage the Skin

Ageless Derma, the skincare company whose products are doctor formulated, is well aware of how weather affects the skin.  Heat from the sun causes wrinkles, and cold weather and winds dry it out.  Ageless Derma has placed CoEnzyme-Q10 in its Anti Wrinkle Cream specifically to fight the free radical damage that can be caused by harsh weather.  CoEnzyme-Q10 is ubiquinone, a natural nutrient enzyme that re-energizes skin cells. 

Climate change is literally all around the body.   Researchers at Ageless Derma have found their Stem Cell and Peptide Anti Wrinkle Cream to be a pure antidote to the stresses of weather that can harm the skin.

The skin is a gateway to the inner body, to a person’s health and wellbeing.  It is easily affected by the weather, though.  Harsh weather conditions can wreak havoc with skin.  This is especially true of the facial skin that is nearly always at the mercy of the weather when outdoors.  In the cold weather, the skin becomes chapped, flaky and feels uncomfortable.  The outer layer of skin flakes off in winter weather, stripping the skin of its natural moisture barrier.  In addition to the natural drying of skin that comes with aging, the weather tends to speed up the process.  Cold winds and less humidity in the air add to the problem.  Wrinkles are more easily and quickly formed.

Those who have a problem with eczema will find that the condition flares up even more so in colder weather.  Wearing woolen sweater to protect from the cold can have adverse reactions on the skin, as can certain cleansing products.  This is one of the many reasons why Ageless Derma uses only the most pure, natural ingredients that are safe for sensitive skin types.  At the same time, the Ageless Derma Wrinkle Cream will effectively moisturize the skin, returning the protective hydrating barrier to its original state. 

When harsh climate brings heavy winds (either cold or hot), the skin can again become dry and scaly.  Fine lines begin to form in addition to deeper wrinkles forming.  Even cloudy weather can become a problem for the skin.  Many believe that the sun’s harmful rays will not affect them on a cloudy day, but this is far from the truth.  The scientists at Ageless Derma know how the sun will burn through the clouds and cause skin damage that only the pure anti oxidants found in Ageless Derma’s Stem Cell and Peptide Anti Wrinkle Cream can help repair. 

The body makes its own CoEnzyme-Q10, but its resources become depleted with age.  Wrinkles are prevented and smoothed with this important anti-oxidant ingredient.

A “weathered face” means a wrinkled face.  The ingredients in Ageless Derma’s Anti Wrinkle Cream include botanical stem cells and peptides to ensure wrinkle reduction.  The peptides stimulate collagen synthesis, acting in a similar way as Botox injections, without the painful needles.  Wrinkles are relaxed, regardless of the weather, cold, dry or windy.  Sodium hyaluronate adds to the protective moisture barrier so important in harsh climate conditions.  It makes the skin feel and look soft and smooth.  Ageless Derma’s addition of Swiss apple stem cells add that youthful glow to the skin. 

Ageless Derma’s Stem Cell and Peptide Anti Wrinkle Cream is also packaged in an airless jar to keep contaminants out and freshness in.