Get Flawlessly Glowing Skin With Natural Looking Makeup By Using Tinted Moisturizer

Looking for an alternative to the classic liquid foundation? Want to get that dashing natural looking makeup effect? Look no more beyond! You have landed at the right spot!

Ageless Derma offers you light weighted Tinted Moisturizer, BB Cream, which provides sufficient coverage over your skin with its perfect go-smooth skin color. The lightweight formula of this Moisturizer leaves your skin naturally flawless without losing its moisture and makes you feel refreshed.

A Slight Tint to Your Essence of Beauty

Unlike any other moisturizing cream or lotion, Tinted Moisturizer from Ageless Derma has a slight tint of your skin color added to it, so as to provide better coverage to your skin naturally. Obviously, it has got several advantages over your traditional foundation or moisturizer.

  • Easy and hassle free application over your skin.
  • Arrives in a tube or pump application, unlike an open Hence, it is travel-friendly and ensures hygienic application.
  • No need of applying compact powder, as the tint leaves a natural looking makeup glow.
  • A little quantity is sufficient for a one-time use and hence lasts long.

How to Apply This Silky Smooth Cream?

Squeeze out a peanut-sized quantity of the moisturizer and gently dot them over your skin. Give a gentle massage by making clockwise or anti-clockwise circles with your palms around your cheeks. Apply them gently over your T-zone by making an up-down motion with your fingertips. Do not leave the areas around your eyes and neck, as uniform application of any cream is a must for a natural looking makeup.

Benefits of Using Tinted Moisturizer

This Tinted Moisturizer, BB Cream from Ageless Derma leaves your skin flawless and glowing. If you want a natural look, there is no necessity to use powder after applying this cream. If you are looking to obtain a matte finish, slightly dab your compact over your skin and apply uniformly with your compact brush. This product makes your skin tone even and hides your blemishes. They are a perfect choice for any skin type and become your daily companion for a light office makeup. Ageless Derma offers this product in many skin tones. Choose the one which best suits your complexion.

Ageless Derma’s BB cream is a complete product which is composed of primer, moisturizer,  and anti-ageing properties. You get all these benefits in a single easy to apply tube. If you are looking for a better coverage, but still a light weighted product, This is the best choice for you. It is another great alternative to using a foundation. Its formula lasts long, especially on a hot summer day when you are out on a day-long weekend shopping or a beach outing.

Go on ladies! Try our Tinted moisturizer BB cream to get a dazzling dewy skin!