Ubiquinone's derivative is a great weapon against fighting wrinkles And Crow's feet

Coenzyme Q10: The Anti Aging Skin Care Industry’s Latest Weapon

The latest buzz word in the fight against aging skin is Coenzyme Q10, and the physician-formulated skin care company, Ageless Derma, has developed an anti wrinkle cream containing this free radical fighter in their Stem Cell and Peptide Anti Wrinkle Cream. 

Coenzyme Q10 is a key element of this wrinkle cream known for smoothing skin, visibly reducing wrinkles such as Crow’s feet around the eyes, improving skin firmness and elasticity, and revitalizing the facial skin.  The reasons behind Coenzyme Q10’s inclusion in Ageless Derma’s best-selling wrinkle cream are what set this anti aging solution apart from the competition.

As the body ages, the skin loses its moisture barrier protection due to cell damage.  After about the age of 30, the skin’s ability to retain moisture deteriorates.  The production of collagen and elastin also decline, leaving the skin to thin out, wrinkle, and lose its firm structure.

Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone) is an antioxidant, and a powerful one, at that.  Antioxidants are vital nutrients within the body that both prevent and fix damage to the body’s tissues.  But free radicals are also within the body and they begin the oxidation process which leads to cell death.  Think of leaving a peeled pear or apple on a counter for a while, exposed to the air.  It begins to oxidize, taking in air.  It turns brown and looks unattractive, becoming inedible after a while.  The fruit, just like the cells in your body, becomes oxidized.  You want to prevent oxidation, as it damages skin cells and causes wrinkles and sagging.

Ageless Derma’s inclusion of Coenzyme Q10 is key to preventing oxidation from damaging your skin.

Time Magazine in "The War on Wrinkles" stated that a Ubiquinone's derivative is a great weapon against fighting wrinkles".

Scientists in Germany recently reported on experiments performed with Coenzyme Q10 in the journal, Biofactors, stating that the coenzyme can penetrate the viable layers of the outer skin and, thereby, lessen the levels of oxidation taking place.  The study also showed a reduction in wrinkle depth and an ability to prevent many of the effects of photo aging. 

“With these findings in mind, the importance of this amazing coenzyme cannot be ignored.  Ageless Derma’s line of wrinkle creams stays at the forefront of discovery, with botanicals, stem cells, peptides, vitamins and minerals always in the mix of our natural, safe skin care products,” said  Raichel Goodyear.  “We want to keep people looking and feeling young by staying ahead of the curve and on top of the latest clinical findings.”