Way back in the 1800s, showmen were going around the country touting miracle cures for all types of diseases.  None of the tonics they sold worked, and the “eyewitnesses” who claimed they were cured put on a good show and helped these traveling showmen sell a lot useless tonics, creams and lotions.  There was no real science to back up their claims.

Now, in the 21st Century, most people understand that, unless a pharmaceutical-type product has scientific research to back up the claims of the “miracle” cure, that product probably won’t do them much good.  This is why it’s so important to read ingredient labels on creams, particularly the wildly popular anti-aging creams and lotions that are on the market today.  If you want to improve your skin’s texture, reduce your wrinkles, and bring back youthful vitality to your skin, the anti-aging cream you choose needs to have certain ingredients in it.  We’re talking about ingredients that have gone through scientific, clinical research studies to prove that, when added to anti-aging products, you will get the results you are searching for:  more youthful-looking, smoother, vibrant skin.

There are quite a few ingredients that meet the criteria for bringing youth back to your skin, but when you are searching for the best anti-aging cream around, focus your efforts on finding the one that has these three powerful elements within it:  Vialox PentaPetide-3, Syn-Coll-Peptide, and Coenzyme-Q10.

You can’t get much more potent an ingredient than Vialox PentaPeptide-3.  This ingredient works in a similar fashion to Botox or Curare in that it relaxes or reduces the contraction of muscle cells, thereby smoothing away even deeply set wrinkles.  Clinical studies have shown that, with the use of Vialox PentaPeptide-3 for only 28 days, winkles were diminished by 49% and skin roughness lessened by 47%.  Look for Vialox PentaPeptide-3 as an ingredient in your anti-aging cream, especially for the reduction of expression wrinkles, i.e., Crow’s feet, smile lines, frown lines and more.  Vialox PentaPeptide-3 works by blocking nerves at the post-synaptic membrane.  The science has shown that Vialox PentaPeptide-3 keeps the muscles involved with already-created wrinkles relaxed, so wrinkles cannot form and already-set wrinkles will become relaxed and smooth.  In order to assure a more wrinkle-free face, be sure that Vialox PentaPeptide-3 is one of the listed ingredients in your anti-wrinkle cream; it has the science to back up the claims.

Another peptide ingredient to be on the lookout for is Syn-Coll-Peptide.  Clinical trials have made it clear that Syn-Coll-Peptide will reduce the appearance of your wrinkles and make you look years younger.  The secret weapon in Syn-Coll-Peptide as an ingredient is that it stimulates collagen synthesis.   The scientific research performed in Switzerland has shown that with a 1-3% inclusion of Syn-Coll-Peptide to your anti-wrinkle cream, collagen synthesis will be stimulated.  In fact, when compared with a placebo in clinical studies, Syn-Coll-Peptide was shown to decrease wrinkles by 350%!  It has been proven that the Syn-Coll-Peptide will remove and puff up your existing wrinkles.  Its properties will also aid in firming and moisturizing your skin.  Syn-Coll-Peptide as an ingredient in anti-aging creams can be an effective alternative to collagen injections.

Also be on the lookout for Coenzyme-Q10 (ubiquinone) in your anti-wrinkle skin care creams.  The science on this powerful antioxidant shows quite clearly what it can do for your skin in terms of turning back the clock on aging.  Coenzyme-Q10 works to fight free radicals, those unstable oxygen molecules that are responsible for much of our wrinkling and loss of collagen and elastin.  With lessened elastin and collagen, the skin becomes more thin and crepe-like, losing moisture quickly, making us look older and letting wrinkles set in quickly.  The Mayo Clinic reports that clinical research performed using Coenzyme-Q10 suggests that wrinkle creams containing Coenzyme-Q10 can smooth wrinkles.  This scientific research shows how much good Coenzyme-Q10 can do for your skin.  Coenzyme-Q10 is produced within our own cells in order to help cells perform optimally, particularly in regards to energy production in cells, but production of it decreases with age.   The Mayo Clinic studies show that Coenzyme-Q10 can especially reduce wrinkles around the eyes.(www.mayoclinic.com/health/wrinkle-creams/SN00010).

When you consider these three ingredients (Coenzyme-Q10, Syn-Coll-Peptide, and Vialox Pentapeptide-3) and what the clinical scientific research shows, you will be a more informed consumer.  You now have the knowledge to choose a dynamic anti-aging product.   You can choose the best elements resulting from scientific research and search for these ingredients in a quality skin care product to get optimal results.