Vialox PentaPeptide-3

Vialox is an anti-wrinkle ingredient that is very potent. It is found in the form of a powder kit and has been proven to reduce wrinkling by 49%. It works by reducing the contraction of muscle cells. It is widely known to be similar to Botox, but is a topical cream, not an injection, making it attractive to those who do not like the idea of injections on their face.

The use of Vialox can exhibit a Botox-like reduction in wrinkles. Used twice a day, for 28 days, volunteers using Vialox in clinical studies applied the substance on half the face. The subjects were women who were between the ages of thirty and sixty. The primary use of Vialox was for the decrease in Crow’s feet wrinkles, but it has now been found to be effect on other facial wrinkles.

Vialox is composed of a pentapeptide (pentapeptide-3) that relaxes muscles in the skin. Pentapeptide-3 is manufactured by Pentapharm, a Swiss pharmaceutical company. It works by blocking nerves at the postsynaptic membrane. It then selectively binds to its specific receptor and causes charged sodium ions to stop being released. This then causes depolarization (cessation of electrical charge). The electrical pulse is what causes the wrinkles. It is very similar to turbocurarin, the active ingredient in curare, an ingredient used in South American poisoned blow darts. The muscles cannot contract as often with the use of Vialox.

Used as an alternative to possibly painful Botox injections, Vialox will smooth the skin and reduce wrinkles by nearly 50%. The powder kit is sold in the form of two vials. One vial contains the active ingredient, penpeptide-3 in a powder formulation. The additional vial is a solvent that will dissolve the powder. The reason for Vialox being sold in this kit format is so that the active ingredient stays fresh for as long as possible, until the solvent is used to dissolve it and become activated for use on the face.

Only one or drops are needed at a time to be smoothed onto the facial area (Crow’s feet, forehead, frown lines, nasolabial folds). Results are seen within about one month. The kit itself lasts for a fourteen day supply. After the initial applications of twice daily for a month, the substance can be applied just once a day to continue the positive effects.

The cosmetic wrinkle reduce Relax Plus Vialox sells for about forty-two dollars, for a 14-day supply. The inactive ingredients included in this product are water, glycerin, pullulan, gum, carrageenan, phenonip, and parabin preservatives.