Will This Daisy Flower Extract Be the Ultimate Answer to Lightening Your Age Spots And Dark Spots?

Ageless Derma, a leading skin care company based in California, has announced the positive skin-lightening effects of a daisy flower extract now included in their Anti Aging Intensive Skin Brightener.  BelidesTM, patent pending, is made from the daisy blossom.  It has a direct effect upon the production of melanin, the part of the skin that produces pigment and tone.

Adding BelidesTM to Ageless Derma’s Anti Aging Intensive Skin Brightener is a huge step in the right direction for those consumers wishing to greatly reduce dark spots and other hyperpigmentation issues in a more natural way, using naturally derived ingredients rather than harsh, toxic ones. 

BelidesTM has been scientifically researched to prove its lightening effects on the skin.  This daisy flower extract has dramatically reduced the appearance of age spots, freckles, skin tone disorders, and increased skin lightening of any type.  The extract works by inhibiting the release of tyrosinase, the enzyme that controls the release of melanin. BelidesTM is made from the blossoms of daisy flowers grown in the wild.  This key ingredient in Ageless Derma’s lightening cream is kept fresh using a natural preservation method; no harmful, toxic preservatives are used in the manufacturing of BelidesTM.

One scientific study, for example, was performed in Germany.  Scientists there reported that BelidesTM was able to reduce the release of tyrosinase by more than 50%. This actually works to prevent the formation of age spots and other pigment tonal issues.  This natural ingredient was clinically proven to have a definite lightening effect over a 4-week period.  This is a proven addition to Ageless Derma’s skin lightening cream, which also works to reduce blemishes and add to the anti aging results that are desired in a potent skin care cream. 

Dark spots, sometimes referred to as age spots, will often appear in those above the age of forty, though anyone can develop these marks which are often due to exposure to the sun.  Sun exposure occurs when people either sun bathe, go to tanning salons, or spend large amounts of time outdoors without enough sun block protection. 

Consumers have long searched for the perfect lightening cream to even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of unsightly spots on the face or hyperpigmentation.  Ageless Derma has kept their skin care products free of toxic ingredients, and including BelidesTM in their latest whitening cream is a testament to their belief in an all-natural skin care product line.

Ageless Derma provides consumers with a variety of anti aging skin care wrinkle creams, whitening creams, and a line of mineral makeup.  All ingredients are naturally derived with no parabens or other harmful ingredients included.