5 smokey eye makeup tips for a perfect look

Donning smokey eye makeup is sure trendy especially for those who love glam makeup. However, it’s not always easy to perfect this look as it involves blending dark and electric colors. Dealing with dark hues can truly be challenging at times because it’s quite easy to mess up! Fret no more because, in this article, we’ll share 5 smokey eye makeup tips for a perfect look – all straight from the makeup experts!

Using a top-notch eye primer is vital

When dark eyeshadow colors smear, it’s badly noticeable. Luckily, there’s an efficient way to prevent such smokey eye makeup mishaps. Celebrity makeup artist Neil Scibelli explains the importance of eye primer, "Be sure to start by using a primer on your eyelids to keep the product locked in all day and to prevent creasing throughout the day,".

Use a neutral eyeshadow base and transition color

It’s not uncommon to use a creamy black eyeliner as a base for smokey eye makeup. While a lot of women do it well, it can be difficult to reverse once you failed to achieve the pigmentation you desire. For beginners and for those who prefer a more diffused take on smokey eyes, a neutral-colored eyeshadow base like white, light brown, or taupe makes it easier for you to work on darker hues.

Creamy eyeliners are your best friends

Makeup artist Tro Surratt says, "As a rule of thumb, the color shouldn't extend too much further than your lower lashes—it starts to look ghoulish if it extends too far down. You want the color to be rich and dense closer to the lash line, diffusing out subtly the further down you go." – In line with this, a creamy eyeliner allows easier to blend for you to keep the color close to the lash line.

Blending is the key to smokey eye makeup perfection

Always remember that you can achieve perfect blending by using the right type of eyeshadow brushes. Blending using your fingers alone won’t do the job especially when it comes to smokey eye makeup.

Amplify your eyelashes

Lastly, eyelashes give added definition to the eyes when it comes to achieving the smokey look. Add two to three coats of a volumizing and lengthening mascara to give your lashes a nice, gorgeous lift.

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