Achieving Natural Makeup look for women in her 40s

Flaunting the perfect natural makeup look in your 40s should be 100% achievable. True enough, it won’t be as easy as how it was before when you were in your 20s. Changes have takes place in your skin which requires a bit of more care and tweaking. Fret not at all, this article has got you covered! Discover beauty secrets to achieve a natural makeup look for women in her 40s.

The powder alone will NOT work!

At this point, you should always make hydration your #1 priority. Some women are used to applying the powder directly onto the skin without proper makeup prepping or without a moisturizing foundation underneath. As we age, our skin gets much drier so applying a powder-type foundation directly on bare skin may only highlight dry patches. Invest in hydrating foundations and always make sure to prep your skin before makeup with hydrating and nourishing skincare products.

Your Brow Gel should be your holy grail.

Well-groomed eyebrows are one of the key factors of natural makeup. As your natural brow hairs become sparser, a great brow gel helps make the brows fuller for a more youthful look. Besides, it also sets the brow hairs in place.

Amplify your Eyelashes with Black Mascara

Be generous on how you apply your mascara. If it’s a top-quality mascara that you can trust, don’t be scared to apply 2 or even 3 layers of it on your lashes! As the natural makeup look in your 40s won’t be about heavy liners or smokey eyes, your eyelashes play an important role in making your eyes more youthful and expressive. Here’s a beauty tip from Chanel’s celebrity makeup artist, Kara Yoshimoto Bua, “Use the handle of a brush to lift the eyelid at the base of the lashes to roll your lashes up and back; this allows you to wiggle the mascara wand against the base of the lashes and pull through any clumps in a clean and precise manner.”

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