Are Expensive Skin Care Products Better


Experts in the field of skincare are beginning to reveal the truth behind expensive skincare products. You may be wondering about the difference between an expensive skincare brand and one that is more affordable. 

With the latest research in marketing campaigns and the true cost of skincare products, we delve into the question, are expensive skincare products better? 

What The Experts Say 

A director of cosmetic dermatology at Hackensack University Medical Center, Dr. Robin Ashinoff, explains that most expensive skincare products have a high cost because of packaging and expensive marketing. 

When you pick up a product on the shelf, chances are more thought and money is going into the packaging to make the product more appealing to you. While many brands appeal to a higher-priced market, several experts are exposing the truth behind the question of are expensive skincare products better. 

Dr. Farid Mostamand, the author of Ageless Skin Obsession, noticed the middleman prices and the high cost of packaging that limits people from achieving the proper skincare they desire. There is a misconception about the cost of ingredients, which are revealed when you compare the ingredients of expensive and reasonably priced skincare products.  

Only some products contain unusual ingredients that have a more refined process to make a product. However, as Dr. Charles Zugerman, an associate clinical professor of dermatology at Northwestern University Medical School explains, the price has little to do with whether a product works or not.

What The Ingredients Say 

Ingredients are the foundation of skincare products and play an important role in whether a product works with the natural processes of your skin. 

Ingredients inexpensive skincare products and more affordable products are listed by the percentage of each ingredient involved in the formula. The key to looking for the right ingredients is to forget about brands, labels, and who is trying to sell to you. 

Discover for yourself, how many ingredients are the same inexpensive skincare products that are in more affordable skincare products. You may still be wondering, are expensive skincare products better for my skin? Does it matter? 

Are Expensive Skin Care Products Better 

Expensive skin care products are not guaranteed to work with the skin, contrary to flashy advertisements that may imply the opposite. Many high-end brands spend a great deal of money marketing to your insecurities, which in turn hits a nerve to want to splurge on high-end products to make you feel better. 

In reality, expensive skincare products hold little validity over affordable skincare products. When it comes down to it, the ingredients involved in skincare products should only cost you $20-$30, which means anything above that price is more about marketing and advertising. 

Every product has a list of ingredients, which allows you to do a personal investigation into what products you choose to apply to your skin. As you read through ingredient lists, find products that use natural ingredients rather than harmful chemicals. 

Natural ingredients work naturally with your skin to help you achieve the healthy glow and rejuvenated skin you are looking for. While big brands want to convince you they have a secret ingredient to their products, it is just an advertising ploy. 

Be Smart About Brand Advertising 

Big brands hold many of their prices when it comes to marketing and advertising. When you pick up an expensive skincare product and wonder if it is worth your hard-earned money, take a moment to think about the brand and its marketing campaign. 

Chances are, the brand spends more money on marketing than almost anything else for the brand. Which means, you are not only paying for an expensive skincare product, you are also paying for the marketing experience. 

To avoid being sucked into advertising, look into the ingredients of skincare products to find a product that works for your skin. Look into more affordable brands that help you achieve the skin you desire without breaking your budget. Be smart about brand advertising so you can afford the skincare products your body needs at an affordable price.



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