How to choose and Apply Baked Mineral Blush for a natural Look

Achieving a gorgeous flush is easy with the right type of baked mineral blush. There are several reasons why the skin loses its natural glow. It can be because of age or stress but whatever the reason is, the perfect baked mineral blush should help you bring that youthful flush of color back to your skin. While it’s easy to just pick up a blush from the makeup shelves, there are several factors that needs you attention. In this article, we’ll help you choose the right kind of baked mineral blush for you.

Know what blusher shade flatters you

Rosy pink is always a safe option for all types of skin tone. Furthermore, a hint of rosy glow on the cheeks is a sign of healthy and youthful skin. While you can always go for that one safe shade for your skin tone, there are also other shades that will perfectly flatter your skin even more.

  • Fair/Pale skin tone – cool pink, dusty rose, raspberry pink
  • Medium Olive skin tone – peachy orange, bronze apricot, deep rose
  • Deep/Dark skin stone – rosy brown, deep berry pink, neutral pink

The Difference of Baked Mineral Blush

A premium baked mineral blush goes through a very intricate process that involves artisan craftsmanship. The great thing about baked mineral blushers is that they aren’t pressed, hence being able to deliver a richer color payoff. It is also very easy to blend since it has a creamy and velvety texture that melts to the skin. It is also ideal to look for baked mineral blushers that have natural botanical ingredients because this will also provide proper care to your skin for a longer-lasting glow.

baked mineral blush

Tips for applying Baked Mineral Blush for a Natural Look

  1. Use a blusher brush that has soft bristles. It’s more ideal to use a brush that is not too dense as it allows you to achieve a natural, sheer flush.
  2. Start on the outer cheek and work your way onto the apple for a more natural flow. This will help diffuse the color and create a more gradient finish.
  3. As baked mineral makeup offers rich color payoff, apply it with a light hand to prevent packing too much color on your cheeks. Always remember to blend it well for a natural look.
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