How to do face contouring for a natural look

Face contouring requires proper techniques for it to work. Most women find Face contouring overly dramatic as it tends to look very obvious onto the skin. However, makeup experts say that making your face contour look natural is totally doable.

You can make very noticeable facial structure enhancements without making your makeup too obvious. Check out these set of tips on how to do face contouring for a natural look suitable for everyday.

Understand the Correct Contour Powder Shade for You

It is common knowledge that contour powder should be darker than your skin tone as its aim is to mimic “shadow”. While this is true, not all contour powders in darker shades suit all types of skin tone. Just like blushers, contour shades aren’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. Understand your skin tone by knowing your complexion undertones.

By knowing such, you’ll be able to avoid contour shades that do not flatter you. Meanwhile, here are some generic pointers that you should consider when choosing a contour powder.

  • Avoid shimmers – a matte contour powder is more ideal as its aim is to diffuse light. You would like your face contouring to look solid matte for it to perfectly mimic the natural shadows on your face. Do not confuse yourself with shimmery bronzers as those are meant to bring radiance and warmth, not sculpt and define.
  • Avoid tones that are too orangey – strong orange and yellow tones can be generally unflattering as it may look like a fake tan rather than contour. This is why considering your complexion in choosing your contour powder is important.

Blending is the Key to Perfect Face Contouring

Take your time in blending. Make sure you work the contour powder or stick onto your skin. Let it melt with your foundation to prevent harsh edges from showing.

face contouring

Set with a light touch of finishing powder

Choose a finely-sifted mineral powder that will allow your contour powder and foundation to blend together. A finishing powder of great quality will boost the longevity of your contour and your makeup in general.

According to Dr. Farid Mostamand, “Premium quality makeup does not always need to be expensive. If one considers a brand that cuts the middleman in the picture, great quality can be achieved at a more affordable price point.”



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