Basic makeup tutorial under 15 minutes

Makeup can do amazing things. It beautifully transforms your face, and it simply enhances your best features. Learning the makeup basics is essential, as this will be your stepping-stone before you try other advanced and creative ways of applying makeup. Therefore, we’d like to share you a basic makeup tutorial you can always rely on.

The core of the basic makeup tutorial is in the prepping and priming of skin

Have your skin prepared first by gently applying a toner onto your face, followed by a reliable moisturizing cream to make your skin hydrated. (Note: Identify first if your skin is oily or dry, so you can look for a moisturizing cream appropriate for your skin type). A well-hydrated skin is the key to make your foundation look flawless; it also helps to make your makeup products glide easier. In addition, use a top-notch primer to allow better adherence of your base makeup.

Get flawless with the right foundation and concealer combo

You need to skillfully use your foundation and concealer altogether. It is advisable for you to know what coverage is right and suitable for you. You also need to choose the proper formula for your skin type. The secret to perfecting base application is to determine the areas on your face that need to be dusted with foundation powder or need to be concealed. Apply them sparingly and build up coverage gradually. Remember that the right usage can give you that flawless skin in less than 5 minutes.

Know how to work with color makeup

It is much advantageous to for you to use versatile or multifunctional makeup products such as a lip and cheek cream color because apart from being quite handy, it also makes it easier for you to match the right colors. It is recommended to understand the right areas that need to be applied with color makeup and know how you can apply them according to your facial features or face shape.


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