Do not waste your money on expensive skincare products

The debate has gone back and forth for decades whether the latest and greatest expensive skincare is worth it. With the most recent research in skincare technology, experts share their advice and experience with expensive skincare. 

When you are looking for skincare products, are you looking at the brand, the ingredients, or the promise? Each product holds a promise of a guarantee, yet is expensive skincare worth it to potentially achieve the skincare you are looking for? 

Skin Creams Are Not A Procedure 

Topical creams for your skincare needs sometimes claim they hold the same validity as products that involve an injection procedure. Dr. Marsha Gordon, the vice chairman of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine says, if skin creams worked at the same level as a procedure, then the product would be called a drug. 

Skin creams simply are not on the same level as a procedure, which means if you are hoping an expensive skincare product is worth the cost to have skin that is similar to an injection procedure, then you are looking in the wrong place for your skincare needs. 

Technology Behind Skin Care Products 

Many products that have anti-aging products contain compounds called pentapeptides. Pentapeptides consist of small clusters of long-chain amino acids that operate as a messenger system within the body. 

The research began as an idea to work with the body’s natural system to heal itself. Although no published doctors are looking directly into the effect of having pentapeptides in skincare creams, there is evidence that peptides increase the amount of collagen, which helps your body heal and give your skin support. 

Collagen supports the rebuilding of the cells that give your skin cells the support they need to keep a young-looking appearance. As your skin begins to age, collagen replenishes itself less, which in turn creates wrinkles in your skin.  

Skincare products contain a combination of fatty acids, vitamins, herbs, and pentapeptides to encourage the skin's natural process of creating collagen to heal itself. Rather than an expensive procedure, the technology behind skincare products help you have a home routine of helping your skin be the best it can be. 

Is Expensive Skin Care Worth It 

Even with all the technology, is expensive skincare worth it? The lack of published medical studies holds uncertainty about the worth of skincare products. While pentapeptide compounds help the healing process of the skin to fight the signs of age, they cannot completely match the natural process of wound healing. 

Dr. Sumayah Jamal claims that pentapeptide compounds can probably help the skin, but only in a very small proportion. Unfortunately, compounds are no match for what the body produces. 

Even Botox is no match for the natural processes of the skin. Botox blocks neurotransmitters within the skin and keeps the skin from naturally creating wrinkles. While a Botox procedure may work for some people’s needs, it is not necessary when skincare creams can offer a similar solution done at home. 

The Experience Versus The Cost 

Ingredients within expensive skincare products cost the same as the ingredients in more affordable products. Where many may turn to fancy procedures for the experience and immediate effect, there is something to say for the process of naturally rebuilding your skincare needs to achieve the healthy and natural look you have been looking for. 

For every experience, there is some form of cost. It still comes down to the question, is expensive skincare worth it? At the end of the day, more affordable skin creams offer a better option for your lifestyle, your skin, and your budget. 

Dr. Mostamand, the founder of Ageless Derma, explains that most of the money you put towards a purchase of expensive skin care goes toward the markup of a middleman in the distribution channel. Some brands sell a product directly to customers for $30, while other brands sell the same product to a wholesaler for $30, then the wholesaler marks up the price for retail to $60, and then to the consumer for $120. If you buy directly, then you could have saved yourself $90. Find premium brands that sell directly to you to cut out the middleman. 

Skincare is worth it because you are worth it, but you do not have to spend thousands of dollars trying to rebuild collagen that your body produces less of as you get older. There are plenty of products that contain pentapeptide compounds that work with your skin's natural process at an affordable price. The key is finding a skincare product worth it for your skin, your needs, and your daily life.


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