Tutorial On How To Conceal Dark Circles Under Eyes

One of the major concerns that women face daily while getting ready to start the day is how to hide dark circles under their eyes. Some of the reasons that cause dark circles may be attributed to allergies, hereditary reasons, smoking and insufficient sleep. Your next concern then is to find the best concealer for dark circles to start your day right. Using the correct type of product formula, knowing their benefits and application procedure will greatly help you do the job. Here’s what you should take note of.

Apply eye cream to prep and condition your under eyes

According to Petra Strand, creator of Pixi by Petra, "To reduce puffiness, pop eye lotion in the icebox and apply to lids before eye makeup."  Indeed, hydration is important and applying eye cream makes your skin plumper. Another reason why applying eye cream is important prior to applying under eye concealer is that it allows the makeup product to apply seamlessly without seeping into the fine lines.

Your under eyes need primer too!

Eye Shadow primers are formulated to prevent your eyeshadows from creasing. It offers the same benefits to the skin underneath your eyes perfectly well.  It is usually applied on eyelids but can also be applied just a bit on the under eyes to boost longevity of your concealer and prevents its creasing, too.

Use gentle pats on applying your under eye concealer

The skin around the eye area is thin and delicate. This is why it’s always important to note that  you should avoid applying too much pressure because it may cause premature wrinkling and sagging on the area. Do not tug your skin harshly but instead, use your clean ring finger and gently pat a small amount of your under eye concealer under each eye. Make sure you apply just the right amount since too much product tends to feel heavy on the under eyes.

Set it with a finely-sifted mineral powder

The final step to any under eye concealer makeup is to finish it off with setting powder. Finely-sifted mineral powder is more lightweight, easy to blend and will keep the concealer in place. It provides ample coverage and seals your makeup for hours.

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