How To Apply Foundation For Dry Skin

One of the most typical problems of a woman is having a dry skin. Having dry skin can be a really annoying struggle, and to make things more difficult, applying foundation onto your dry skin is an absolute nerve-wracking task. However, there is always a solution to every skin problem. In this article, we are going to share you the tips and secrets on how to apply foundation for dry skin effectually.

Exfoliate regularly

The skin around your nose and the crease of your chin are the parts that are most vulnerable to dryness. It is very much advisable for you to slowly and gently eliminate the dry patches of skin in these parts using a washcloth or a reliable exfoliating product. Peeling gels and gentle scrubs are perfect exfoliating products that need to be in your beauty kit. Exfoliate two to three times week at night to get rid of these dry patches immediately.

Amplify your pre-makeup skin hydration routine

Begin with well-hydrated skin first before you apply your foundation, moreover, be aware of what hydrating products you are using. It is highly suggested for you to use hydrating products that have creamy bases because they carry better moisturizing properties and additional components that definitely hydrate dry areas. You can always use a moisture cream with the help of a highly-concentrated serum to double-up on your hydration.

Apply a foundation with moisturizing properties using a flat brush

You should always choose a foundation that possesses exceptional hydrating benefits and contains natural moisturizers such as green tea, hyaluronic acid or botanical oils. Regarding on what brush you must use, a flat brush is much suitable to use for it preserves the dewiness of your foundation, and it makes it easier to smoothen dry patches on your skin.

Skip overly mattifying face powders

It is not advisable for you to use mattifying face powders if you have a dry skin, for they give higher chances of highlighting dry patches on your skin. However, if you really need to minimize oil and you want to retouch, it is suggested that you use lightweight powder on the T-zone only.

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