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The Effect of Hollywood, the Media and Models on Ageless Skin and Looking Youthful

It is no secret that mainstream America is obsessed with looking good, In modern-day America, that means looking young, as is apparent every time we go to a movie. The actors are displayed up close and personal on ever-larger screens and in digital images that reveal every single flaw, line, and wrinkle—or, more often than not, a perfectly unlined face. When a nearly flawless-looking actor in her fifties appears on the large screen, it‘s obvious that some anti-aging work has taken place.

The need to look young has taken America by storm, with millions of Americans working hard and spending vast amounts of money not to look their age. And why not put off wrinkles and sagging as long as possible? When we are being directly or indirectly inundated by the media telling us that we should look our best all the time, looking younger means feeling better about ourselves.

‖Younger is better‖ is the message being communicated by the models in magazines and on television; but how do these paragons of beauty achieve such perfection, and what impact does all this pressure for perfection have on the average person‘s self-image? America has armies of everyday people begging to be dipped into the same fountain of youth that has kept their favorite celebrities eternally young.

It is no wonder that people of all ages (from septuagenarians to teens) consider their TV and movie idols the epitome of human beauty—examples they want emulate. We see celebrity faces and bodies everywhere; in theaters, on television, in magazines and on billboards, and they leave people, particularly those from the Baby Boomer generation, thinking that is how they should look, too.

If you were to stand outside the offices of any well-known plastic surgeon‘s office in the Hollywood area, you would undoubtedly find photographers and paparazzi lying in wait to catch a celebrity walking in or out. More often than not, though, what they find are 2

everyday people with average incomes trying to capture a look they‘ve seen in a magazine or at the movie theater. Television shows such as Extreme Makeover and The Swan actually encourage mainstream Americans to do everything in their power to look younger and more physically attractive.

Many of today‘s celebrities take advantage of cosmetic procedures in order to look their best and to ensure that they stay in the limelight. The media, casting directors, photographers, and reporters all focus their attention on how celebrities look. They speculate on the negative to arouse interest.

They question whether or not wrinkles have begun cropping up on Jennifer Anniston‘s face, and whether Madonna looks as toned as ever or if her face is beginning to sag. The men aren‘t immune to this scrutiny, either. They ask readers if Richard Gere looks his age or if people think he has had work done.

Veteran actors and models constantly seek ways to maintain ageless-looking skin. Christie Brinkley, an extremely successful model now close to sixty years old, works hard to stay in good physical shape, but is it any wonder that she may have had eyelid surgery to subtract a few years from her appearance? It seems that the media and the public demand that their idols stay young.

They gossip about them and circulate any unflattering photos that come to light. Actress Courtney Cox has admitted publicly to taking steps to slow down the aging process by way of Botox injections, and Jennifer Anniston has confessed to rhinoplasty (a nose job).

Both young rising stars and older, more established celebrities are either having surgical procedures to fight the signs of aging or are opting for less invasive, non-surgical treatments. They are under constant scrutiny from the media; and the Hollywood community is quick to criticize if their look is less than perfect. Yet even as the media drives its stars to plastic surgery, it also criticizes those who appear to have altered themselves.

Even stars as young as 24-year old Megan Fox have found themselves targeted on social media networks for having Botox injections. Ms Fox went as far as placing a recent photograph showing herself furrowing her brows on her Facebook page to dispel Botox rumors. Gossip magazines and the paparazzi seem to demand natural eternal youth. 3

Plastic surgeons are in great demand. They are supplying celebrities and the general public with total face lifts, stem cell and fat grafts, and other procedures that are often painful and require long recovery times, and there is always a risk that these surgical options will produce uneven or ―plastic‖ looking results. Think of Michael Jackson‘s unfortunate facial surgeries; and consider whether Joan Rivers really has the face of a woman in her 70s.

Instead of going the route of plastic surgery, many Baby Boomers are opting for less drastic ways to turn back the clock. Many are flocking to dermatologists to investigate prescription skincare products that will prevent wrinkles and sagging skin. Although the media seems to steer us toward extreme solutions, most people would prefer not to undergo painful, expensive surgeries.

The market for non-surgical approaches – those that achieve the same effects without using invasive procedures – is growing rapidly, and anti-aging skincare is at the forefront of available choices.

Dermatologists are aware that their patients want to look younger without taking extreme measures. As such, many of them offer high-quality, prescription skincare lines. With so many effective in-office, non-surgical procedures such as Botox injections, laser treatment, dermal fills, and chemical peels, there is no need for surgery. Instead, skincare creams containing stem cells, peptides, collagen, and exfoliators are now used to stave off the signs of aging.

People wishing to look younger are discovering the benefits of skin lighteners, toners, hyaluronic acid, liposomes, peptides, and retinol—which are just some of the skincare products and ingredients that are relatively new to the anti-aging market. T

hese skincare products are well worth investigating, because the more you know about them and the ingredients they contain, the more informed you will be when deciding on the best anti-aging regimen for

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