Ever seen actors or models who had a darker complexion a few years back and today their skin looks, flawless? Yes, there are celebrities who regularly opt for skin lightening treatment, but that can cost you big bucks. If you are seeking a way to lighten and brighten your skin tone, then there is a simple and effective solution or rather an ingredient that you should be looking for.

You may get several brands of brightening cream in the market, but if it lacks this vital ingredient then you won’t get anywhere with the results. The magic ingredient that we are talking about is “kojic acid.” It is present several facial cleansers, leave-on creams, anti-ageing creams and around eye creams. These are specifically meant for your face but this acid is also found in many sunscreens and body moisturizers because you would always prefer whitening your entire body rather than just your face, right?

In every kojic acid cream, you will find this ingredient present in a concentration of 1% and that is more than enough to get a glowing skin, with regular use.

Know more about kojic acid cream

Kojic acid is produced as a residue of the fermentation of malting rice. If you are suffering from melanosis, then using a brightening cream that has kojic acid will do wonders for your skin. Without going in the scientific details, you ought to know that kojic acid acts as an inhibitor in the process of melanosis as it interferes with the uptake of oxygen which is important to speed up the enzymatic browning reaction.

Why kojic acid in skin creams?

Most cosmetic brands are giving the kojic acid creams a green signal because it treats hyperpigmentation. This happens when the skin develops too much of melanin and thus gives you a swarthy complexion.

We all know why our skin is darker in colour. The production of melanin due to excessive exposure to sun and you know the whole story. Now, how does kojic acid comes in play and saves our skin from the excess melanin?

Melaconytes are the specialized cells in our body which produce melanin. When you apply kojic acid on your skin in concentrated amounts, then the process of melanin production is interfered, thanks to the chemicals present in kojic acid.

Another benefit of the kojic acid cream is that it acts as an antioxidant. It helps in counteracting the effects of particles in your body called free radicals. These radicals can cause oxidative damage to your skin which is highly undesirable.

Thus, along with acting as a skin brightening cream which gives you a fairer skin, the kojic acid cream has properties that can lower the signs of ageing on your face.

Dermatologists have also recommended kojic acid creams to fight blemishes. It is advised to use the cream in small amounts so that you don’t face any adverse problems. If you don’t want to use a cream, you can always go for kojic acid soaps.


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