Natural Makeup Look with Correcting Powder and Blush Only

Would it be possible to achieve natural makeup with correcting powder and blush only? It may seem difficult but the truth is, these two makeup products can already do so much. Less is more when it comes to natural makeup. It’s not about completely hiding your flaws but more of enhancing your best features. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can simply perfect a daily natural makeup look with correcting powder and blush.

Achieving Even Complexion with Correcting Powder

Correcting powders are usually comprised of three to four different colors designed to work together in making your skin tone look even. Top quality color correcting powders usually have the correcting shades swirled together and baked to deliver even and velvety finish. If you’re not the type of person who likes wearing liquid foundations or heavy-duty powders, correcting powder alone should do the trick. Using a fluffy and dense makeup brush for application is most ideal in order to fully deliver pigment onto the skin evenly. Make sure you swirled enough onto the pan to take all the shades and apply it on the skin in swirling motion as well.

Healthy Flush with Blush

Celebrity makeup artist Florrie White shares her tip on blushers, “The application of the product should be graduated – think of a shooting star. The nucleus of the star is the apple of the cheeks and the whoosh going up to the temples. Always blend out and up without adding extra product.” The key to making your blusher look natural is to really work on blending.

 correcting powder

Going for the Right Makeup Brush

Lastly, achieving a natural makeup look with correcting powder and blush only requires proper makeup tools. Application and blending is very important in making your makeup embrace you natural skin. Use a makeup brush that has ultra-soft bristles to make sure you are not causing irritation to your skin. Additionally, dense brushes are great for correcting powders while lightly sparse brushes are great for blushers for that gradient, soft finish.

correcting powder

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