How to Hide Puffy Eyes with Makeup for a Youthful Look

Dark circles and puffy eye bags are two entirely different things. However, both are the types of skin problems almost everyone encounter around the eye area. Whether it is due to stress, genetics or improper diet, having dark circles and puffy eye bags can be quite a frustrating dilemma.

While dark circles can be easily solved by applying concealer over it, puffy eyes are a lot trickier to get rid of. These eye bags are usually very apparent as they tend to create a shadow that visibly brings the puff out. Unlike hiding dark circles, using a lighter shade of concealer will only highlight puffy eyes. In this article, we are going to talk about a very easy and simple natural makeup trick that will effectively hide puffy eyes. You only need three products:

  1. Flat Concealer Brush or Angled Brush
  2. Concealer (must be a shade lighter than your skin tone)
  3. Lightweight Setting Powder

How to Hide Puffy Eyes

Make Puffy Eyes Disappear in an Instant

The key to perfectly hiding puffy eyes is to know the basics of contouring and highlighting. Contouring and highlighting is more about dealing with the light and the shadow the face creates in order to make the look more dimensional. On top of that, it also fixes unwanted features by playing with how the light bounces on the face. In this case, we are going to follow the basics of contouring and highlighting to hide puffy eyes.

When you have puffy eyes, you’ll notice how it creates a shadow just right under the bag. Professional makeup artist Wayne Goss tells us how we should hide the shadow and not the eye bag itself. To do this, here are some very easy steps:

  • Find the shadow that makes you puffy eyes apparent. Slightly tilt your head forward and detect the shadow the bag creates.
  • Conceal the shadow not the bag itself. This is very important since committing the mistake of applying a lighter shade of concealer on to the eye bag itself will only highlight it. What you should do here is take your concealer brush and dip it into a concealer pot. Your concealer should be around one to two shades lighter than your skin tone for it to perfectly correct and hide the shadow your puffy eyes create.
  • Apply a lighter shade of concealer directly onto the shadow that your eye bag creates. Using your concealer brush, trace along the shadow to prevent the puffy eye bag from going forward. Keep on building the concealer up until the shadow is perfectly taken care of. However, avoid piling too much product or else it will cake and crease on your skin.
  • Set the concealer with a lightweight setting powder. Use a finely-milled setting powder the works for your skin type. Translucent powders or mineral veil powders are the most ideal types of product to use if you are dealing with problems such as puffy eye bags. What’s great about them is that they are specially formulated to be lightweight and they are carefully sifted to prevent caking. In addition, if you have sensitive skin, mineral cosmetics are not only gentle but also nourishing to your skin.

Say Goodbye to Puffy Eyes for Good

Using makeup to hide puffy eyes definitely helps giving you a youthful appearance. However, what makeup does is merely a temporary solution. According to Dr. Farid Mostamand, founder of Ageless Derma, “A good eye cream is a beauty necessity. There are now eye creams that effectively combat the signs of aging and diminish dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.” True enough, going for a top-notch eye cream and using it religiously will help get rid of your puffy eyes for good. In addition to this, tracking your health routine properly should also contribute to your overall skin condition.

How to Hide Puffy Eyes

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