Date Night Natural Makeup Look

Preparing for date night? Whether you are up for something glam or natural for date night, the right set of go-to makeup tips should make you look amazing all night. Going for the classic natural look won’t ever fail you so be sure to check out these tips to perfect your date night natural makeup look. 

Clean and Fresh Base 

You would want to look flawless on date night, right? But having a flawless canvas does not necessarily require several layers of foundation and concealer. If you will look at Lily Aldridge’s makeup on the Kennedy Center Honors event, you will see how she went with natural coverage, to the point of allowing some of her freckles to peek a bit. Likewise, date night natural makeup look should be about natural coverage and lightweight formulation.


Go for a tinted moisturizer for a natural and hydrated base. If you need a bit of coverage, do some spot-concealing by only focusing on the specific areas that needs to be hidden. Finish off your clean and fresh base with a mineral powder that offers velvet/satin finish to keep your makeup radiant all throughout the day. 

Focus on Expressive Eyes 

Celebrity makeup artist Deanna Melluso shares one of her favorite eye makeup tips to keep the eye area youthful and expressive. She says, “My favorite 'look younger' makeup tip is to first use a luminizer in the inner corner, then swoop it with a fan brush underneath the eye. This brightens the face.” Enhancing the brightness of your eyes would make them more expressive. Tone down with the amount of eyeshadow and use several coats of mascara instead. With curled and lengthened eyelashes, your eyes will look more tantalizing and alive. 

Bitten Lips that Last 

Longwear lip colors are very important on date nights! Use a long-lasting lip color and lightly dab it onto the lips instead of going for a full-on, bold lipstick. Bitten lips are perfect for a natural look. In addition to that, not using too much on your lips would mean that it’s more likely foolproof.  


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