Does Makeup Cause Wrinkles?

It’s not very new to us when one subconsciously associates makeup with wrinkles. In your life, you may have heard the warnings about how one shouldn’t wear too much makeup or she’ll easily get old! Hearing this may not be very surprising but the fact behind it is still very much unclear for many. In this article, we are going to share with you the facts behind makeup and wrinkles. It’s about time for you to shun any misconceptions and know the real deal on how to prevent wrinkles from appearing prominently on the skin.

So the biggest question is: Does makeup cause wrinkles? The answer to this is NO. However, there is a very thin line that defines this statement as there are things related to makeup that may cause wrinkles. While makeup alone isn’t the main culprit for wrinkles, using it improperly may eventually lead to wrinkles and other skin problems. What are these factors?

Improper Application of Makeup Causes Wrinkles

It’s always ideal to use a light hand in applying makeup. Rubbing, stretching, and tugging your face as you apply makeup will greatly contribute to your skin’s eventual sagging. For instance, the skin on your eye area will lose its elasticity whenever you forcefully pull your eyes in hopes of applying straight eyeliner. This also applies when you tug your face too much with a sponge as you apply your foundation. Remember, you always have to be very gentle on how you apply your makeup. Just keep your face relaxed!

What happens when you do not remove makeup before sleeping?

Sleeping without removing your makeup is a huge no-no! You might come to reasoning saying that your makeup is organic, non-comedogenic, and very gentle – but that’s beyond the point. The truth about this is that it’s not your makeup that’s causing you harm, but the impurities that come along with it. When you apply your makeup and expose yourself to harsh environmental elements, dirt and chemicals get stuck to your skin. As the natural oils from your skin get in contact with makeup throughout the day, your makeup turns into an adhesive; making it more vulnerable to dirt. Not removing your makeup by the end of the day will let all the accumulated impurities seep deep within your skin. This horrendous blend of exposed makeup and pollutants will break down your skin’s elastin and collagen. Lack of these two will cause wrinkles to your skin.

Anti-aging Benefits of Makeup

Not all types of makeup feature anti-aging benefits. If you wish to concentrate on keeping your skin look youthful, then you have to go for brands that are credible for doing so. Look for makeup products that offer premium skincare benefits. Usually, organic and mineral cosmetics feature efficient anti-aging benefits for their naturally-infused formulas. Ingredients such as Green Tea, Peptides, Collagen, and Hyaluronic Acid are quite known for their exceptional moisturizing and anti-aging properties.


Covering up Wrinkles with Makeup

In addition to the whole issue of makeup is one cause of wrinkles, here’s another branch that comes along with it. Makeup is in fact, one of the major solutions in terms of covering wrinkles up. However, layering makeup over wrinkles isn’t as simple as how one would normally apply makeup. Mature skin needs special tricks to make the base look flawless. The simple trick here is to invest in top-notch anti-aging skincare and to always moisturize before applying makeup. Moisturizers increase the skin’s elasticity and plumpness which diminishes the appearance of wrinkles. This will prevent your foundation or concealer from creasing and seeping into the lines.

What mainly causes wrinkles to appear is when you don’t use your makeup properly such as misapplication and improper removal. Makeup in general does not cause wrinkles. There are many types of cosmetics available in the beauty market today that feature anti-aging ingredients to help prevent wrinkles. If you are in search of makeup products that would help you diminish wrinkles, our beauty experts are here to help you out. Contact us and let us know your makeup preferences and concerns and we will get back to you.

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