How to Choose Daily Facial Moisturizer

One of the most important steps in a daily beauty regimen is moisturizer. However, many people don‘t think they need moisturizers unless they have noticeably dry skin. Usually, this is not the case. The skin loses moisture at almost every turn. Cosmetics can rob the skin of vital oils, and even soaps and cleansers can strip away the skin's natural moisture balance. Free radicals, harsh weather conditions, and the sun deplete the skin's natural hydration even further, and aging can be caused by dehydration. 

 A daily application of an oil-free moisturizer is critical to maintain the skin's proper balance and prevent many adverse skin conditions. Moisturizers come in many forms, but the main thing consumers should keep in mind is that moisturizers should be oil-free. Products that contain oil clog the pores and lead to unsightly blemishes, blackheads, and whiteheads. Skincare companies have spent years developing moisturizers in the form of gels, lotions, creams, mists, and serums.


 The specific type chosen depends primarily on individual preference—some creams may be too heavy for sensitive skin, while mists may not provide enough moisturizer for extremely dry skin. Consumers that want more than just hydration from their moisturizers should choose a product with dual or triple functions.

 Many moisturizers contain an SPF for added protection from the sun, while some also include ingredients to fight blemishes or brighten the skin. A tinted moisturizer provides subtle coverage in place of a foundation. Those individuals that use a daily moisturizer frequently find the aging process is slowed and rough patches are avoided.


Choosing a Moisturizer

 When shopping for a moisturizer, consider these factors:

1- Skin type (dry, oily, normal, combination)

2- Specific needs (acne treatment, anti-aging, etc.)

3- The big picture for your full regimen (if you need sun protection, you need to find a moisturizer with an SPF)

4 The ingredients (avoid fragrances and artificial dyes that can irritate sensitive skin)


You may find that the product that works best on your face isn‘t as effective on the delicate eye area or rougher spots like the elbows. Many women choose a different moisturizer for each of these areas to get the optimum results from their products, so the best moisturizer for you may turn out to be a combination of several products.


Using a Moisturizer

Apply moisturizer to damp skin whenever possible. This allows the product to lock in extra moisture and hydrate the skin for a longer period. Very dry areas, such as the hands and feet, may benefit from a rich slathering of moisturizer while the skin is still damp. Swaddle them in a pair of cotton socks or gloves to help the moisturizer absorb into the skin more effectively.

 Vivierskin C E Peptides 1oz

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Clayton Shagal 

One brand of moisturizer to consider is Clayton Shagal. This company understands the importance of hydration, which is why they combine deep and surface moisturizing ingredients to create the most thorough treatment possible. The Clayton Shagal moisturizing products are appropriate for any skin type—some work specifically to minimize skin breakouts or treat aging skin. 

Ageless Derma Stem Cell and Peptide Anti-wrinkle Cream

 This product protects the skin from the signs of aging using seven natural, anti-aging ingredients. Ageless Derma Stem Cell and Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Cream eliminates fine lines and wrinkles, improves firmness and elasticity, eliminates crow‘s feet, and re-energizes skin.





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