How To Contour A Round Face

Whether it is powder, liquid, or cream, face contouring can be carried out perfectly as long as it features the right shade. Your contouring makeup product should be darker than your current skin tone and should also fall under the right undertone. You use this technique to accentuate or reshape your nose, chin, cheekbones or redefine your bone structure. However, contouring becomes more effective when combined with highlighting or strobing techniques.

Understanding the techniques

Face contouring and highlighting is the art of redefining your facial accents using versatile makeup preparation to modify the shape of your face by giving it some lighting and visual effects. You may use a contouring product or highlighter separately but both work best together. Contour products must be a bit deeper than the tone of your skin. Additionally, face contouring a round face is much easier when you use a matte formulation or product. Contouring can slim down your face by creating a visual effect and giving your face a defined bone structure.

Where to start contouring

The key to face contouring round-shaped faces is by creating shadows. To easily identify it, start by sucking in your cheeks to identify where the hollow parts of your face are.  Then continue contouring on the sides of your forehead and toward your temples. Then follow through to the area down your cheekbones, beginning from your ears to the center of your cheeks and then going down towards your jaw line.

Where to combine the highlighting

Using highlighter together with bronzer will help bring radiance to the skin while also drawing more attention to your prominent facial features. Continue in the center of your forehead and in the middle of your chin.  Highlighting the center of your chin will accentuate the length of your face. Next is under your eyes in a stroke similar to an inverted triangle to have a brightening effect. You can also create an effect of having fuller lips by highlighting your Cupid’s bow.  Be sure to blend everything carefully especially around the hairline to the neck area.

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