Tips on Foundations & Concealers For a Natural Look

Your main goal of putting foundations and concealers on your face is to achieve a brighter skin and a more even complexion. Using these two is essential when it comes to accomplishing that gorgeously natural look. Here we have some useful tips you can follow on how to efficiently use your foundations and concealers for a natural look.

It’s all about the right shade of foundations and concealers

Makeup artist Nico Guilis said, “ Try different foundations to your hand for feeling, and then test the color to the jaw line to see if it blends in well to the neck. Don’t test color to your wrist — your body is usually darker than your face and neck.” Choosing the right shade of foundations and concealers is always necessary, because it will largely affect the outcome of your makeup. Remember that your foundation or concealer should be just closer to your original skin tone.

Choose the proper foundation coverage your skin needs

Most women use these three common types of coverage: sheer, medium, and full. However, it is much more advisable for you to avoid going for full coverage when not really needed. As much as possible, use sheer coverage only because it is lightweight and it looks more natural.

Master the technique of blurring your concealer out

Lori Leib, makeup artist and the creative director of Bodyography Cosmetics, said, "For perfectly creaseless concealer (especially on crepey lids and undereye circles), I recommend applying concealer with your ring finger and softening the edges with a nongreasy lip balm. It creates a soft focus blur around the eye area and keeps dry, thin skin nice and hydrated." Gently dab your concealer onto your face and flawlessly blend it to make it well-distributed.

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