How to Apply Eyeshadow for an Amazing Eye Look

There must be many tutorials online when applying eyeshadow in the best way possible. True enough, it may seem like an easy task –pack the color on and go. However, to naturally bring out your eyes' beauty, you need to consider the following tips and factors for applying eyeshadow for a striking eye look.

Equip yourself with premium and efficient eye brushes

Don't settle for low-quality brushes if you'd like to achieve optimum results when applying eyeshadow. Bad brushes can affect your eyeshadow's finish as they deliver pigment unevenly or even create noticeable streaks as you apply them. Check reviews and know the material of your eyeshadow brushes. They feature soft bristles that won't prick your sensitive lids.

Begin with clean lids before applying eye primer

Celebrity makeup artist Joseph Carillo shares his eye-prep tip on how to apply eyeshadow properly. He says, "Before applying an eye primer, I clean the eye area well with micellar water. Then, I add a de-puffing eye cream and let it absorb a bit." Keeping your lids free from oil and impurities will allow your eyeshadow to last much longer. It will also boost adherence to the rest of your eye makeup.

Learn how to work with the basic eyeshadow shades

Makeup has no limits, so you are free to explore your choices regarding eyeshadow shades. Moreover, before going for something mega dramatic, master the basics first. Know the right areas where you should adequately apply your eyeshadow. For instance, light shimmery shades like pearl white and champagne gold make great highlighters. On the other hand, dark brown shades (matte, shimmery, or metallic) help add depth to your eye shape. Lastly, glittery eyeshadows work well for the center of the lids for added radiance and definition. 

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