5 Foods That Give You Wrinkles

Wrinkles can normally be noticed initially in the areas affected by your facial expressions and some areas usually exposed to heat of the sun. There also several factors that affect our skin and also our overall health condition such as pollution, cigarette smoking, obesity, dehydration, stress and other similar factors included in our regular lifestyle routine.

Having these factors in mind, it is therefore easier to identify the food or diet that can cause skin aging particularly skin wrinkles. Here are five foods you should avoid so as to have a firm determination on how to prevent aging skin.

Sugar increases the formation of Advanced Glycation End Products, or AGEs.

Glycation is a natural body process by which sugar in our blood attaches to protein that causes harmful molecules. Therefore, Sugar intake increases the formation of these molecules called AGEs resulting to the damaging of collagen.  Collagen along with elastin proteins work together to maintain skin smoothness and free from wrinkles. If you keep these proteins healthy, then you will know the secret on how to prevent aging skin. Sadly, if more collagen will be broken down by the sugar you ingest, they will result to wrinkled skin.

Carbohydrates can be broken down into Pure Sugar

Carbohydrates and carbohydrate processed foods once digested will be broken down into sugar which may cause advanced glycation end products that are harmful to the body especially affecting skin aging. However, fruits and vegetables are carbohydrate enriched foods which have nutritional properties that are good for your health. So have a balanced to moderate intake of carbohydrates and avoid those coming from processed food to keep your skin healthy.

Avoid Margarine processed from Animal Fat

For quite a while, margarine was labeled as a wiser option than butter due to its lower saturated fat. Unfortunately, health experts discovered that there are harmful effects coming from too much polyunsaturated fat that are also present in margarine.  An imbalance of these fats especially with omega 3 and omega 6 may cause inflammation in our system and may increase the risk of some chronic diseases not to mention skin aging and other skin problems.

Processed Meat may increase skin-damaging inflammation

While lean red meat has proved to be a healthy source of proteins and nutrients, a balanced intake must be observed. However, when meat is burnt, it forms inflammatory hydrocarbons which increase body inflammation. Processed meat like sausages, hotdogs, bacons and other cold cuts high in sodium and preservatives may lead to skin damaging inflammation.

Most types of Alcohol are toxic and dehydrating

It is truly a refreshing feeling to take some wine after every dinner in the company of family and friends. But the truth is most alcohol drinks are toxic and can cause dehydration. Such toxins increase inflammation and dehydration will make your skin look dull, dry and flaky. These are factors leading to premature appearance and formation of wrinkles.

Prevention is the key

Clearly, these are the food and beverage we must avoid and put in moderation on some, to guide us with the information on how to prevent aging skin. Prevention is still better than cure as the saying goes. It is really hard to remove your wrinkles once they start showing up. Prevention is the key and the wisest decision we should all make.

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