5 Nude Makeup Looks For Women Over 40

If you’re already in your 40s, maintaining a youthful look is always possible, you only need to know how to effectively work with the right makeup selections and application procedures. Going for a nude makeup look is simply the best look you’d like to flaunt at 40. Keeping your makeup routine simple and uncomplicated is your key. Here we have 5 helpful tips on how to achieve that nude makeup look.

Curled and Amplified Lashes

It’s necessary to use the right foundation if you’re over 40 for it can help you look younger. However, you should always keep your foundation minimal. To look simply natural, focus on keeping your eyelashes beautifully enhanced, and the best way to do it it is to curl them up to open your eyes.

Bronze Smoky Eyes with Nude Lips

You can always use neutral eyeshadow shades with a touch of gold for it can help reflect light and it can help brighten up your eyes. Apply it on the center lids for a more noticeably radiant shine. This look goes well with a nude pink lipstick. Then after that, gently apply a clear lip gloss to add a bit of volume to your lips.

Minimal base and full brows

A minimal base makes a cleaner and fresher look. Your main focus here is to keep your brows fuller for it can make you look much more youthful. In addition, your natural lip color should be enhanced by finding your perfect My Lips But Better (MLBB) lipstick. It is a lipstick that is basically the similar shade as your lips but it adds a little more depth and intensity when you make your lips pout.

Gold eyeliner and Brown Nude Lips

Gently apply your gold eyeliner to your lower lash lines and to your eyes’ inner corners for a radiant highlight. Then go for brown nude lips for it has a lovely finish, and it is a very flattering shade that fits a lot of skin tones.

Precise dark brown eyeliner

To use a brown eyeliner is not as common as using black, but it is an eyeliner color that can definitely make your eyes warmer. Brown eyeliners give a softer vibe to your appearance and at the same time, it defines your lash line and it makes your eyes look bigger.

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