3 Best Pore Shrinking Products To Shrink And Minimize Pores

Pores are tiny opening on the surface of the skin that house the hair follicles. Each of these openings is connected to a sebaceous gland that produces oils that are needed to keep your skin smooth, moist and aerated. Without these oils, your skin could get dry and flaky and we all know how annoying dry and flaky skin can get. Too much oil production is bad as well since it leads to oily skin. Oily skin gives you an awkward shine that messes up your look.

The right pore size.

Proper pore functionality is needed to keep the balance of oil production at the right level and this can only happen when the size of the pores is right. The right pore size is small. Small pores regulate the production of natural skin oils for healthy and glowing skin. However, this is not always the case. There are factors that cause the pores to enlarge. Enlarged pores are not only unsightly but they serve as avenues for dead cells and trapped sebum to collected leading to the appearance of pimples and other facial blemishes.

Enlarged pores can be linked to genetics as well as natural factors such as aging and prolonged exposure to UV rays. UV rays enlarge the pores with time by damaging the collagen that holds the pores intact. Damage to the collagen also happens as one ages and this affects the size of the pores.

Solutions to large pores:

So how do you shrink large pores? Apart from pore shrinking products, there are a couple of remedies for large pores. They include the placing of ice on your skin for a couple of seconds to tighten your skin. Facial masks have also been used to minimize large pores as well. Such masks usually contain substances that fight the bacteria on your skin that cause acne, thereby minimizing the appearance of large pores.

However, all these solutions are temporary and if they are not maintained on a regular basis, you pores will revert to their ugly state. Pore shrinking products are the best when you need to shrink large pores. Such products contain active ingredients that fight collagen damage in your skin so as to restore your skin’s vibrancy and shine.

There are a couple of ingredients that you need to look out for when buying pore shrinking products and they include retinol and glycolic acid. Retinol is a vitamin A extract full of benefits to aging and wrinkled skin. It increases the production of collagen within the skin and this goes a long way in keeping the skin tight and the pores even tighter. It also aids in decreasing the production of oils within the glands and this reduces the appearance of pores.

Glycolic acid, on the other hand, stimulates collagen production and tightens large pores. It also removes any dead cells on your skin to give the appearance of smooth skin. This reduces the chances of acne popping and this leaves your skin healthy and glowing. The best products to minimize pores are therefore those that contain either of these two substances.

Enlarged pores are usually very sensitive and therefore you should be careful on the products that you apply on them. One wrong move can make the situation even worse and lead to further skin damage. The key to finding the best pore shrinking products is to understand your skin type. What works for someone else may not necessarily work you and this is usually because of the different skin type.

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