5 Foundation Hacks To Give You The Best-Looking Skin Possible

To have your skin look at its best is not always an easy task. Thank goodness, there’s foundation to help us with our skin woes. Foundation application is vital knowledge as it can make or break your look so in this article, we’ll share 5 foundation hacks to give you the best-looking skin possible.

Boost moisture and blendability by damping your foundation brush/sponge

The wet application technique is vastly popular among makeup artists and enthusiasts. Not only this makeup application technique allows better color payoff, it also boosts moisture retention. You can use plain water for this technique or hydrating face mist if ever you have very dry skin. As the foundation gets in contact with the damp brush/sponge, it makes the foundation easier to blend on the skin.

Use two shades of foundation for your face

Swatching your foundation right beneath your cheekbone is one efficient way to find your match. However, you may find it confusing as it seems like you still end up with the wrong shade despite matching it. This result is due to the fact that your face may have have different shades. Areas that are more exposed to the sun like your forehead, nose and chin may be darker than the rest of your face. For this consider swatching two three foundations right beneath your jaw line when you’re matching shades.

Never go all-in with on your first layer

As a general foundation rule – start small. Work your coverage one layer after another and do not make the mistake of applying a thick amount on your first layer. By starting with smaller amounts, you’re letting the foundation sit on your skin first and will therefore prevent caking.

Swipe your foundation brush downwards

Hawaii-based Makeup artist Kecia Littman says, "If you go upward on the face, it will fill in your pores and make them stand out," You wouldn’t want your pores to be very noticeable under all that foundation!

Apply powder only on areas where excessive oil is present

A lot of women commit the mistake of layering powder whenever they set their makeup or retouch. As a result, the foundation cakes and cracks on the surface. Avoid applying too much powder, in fact, when you set your makeup, apply a light stroke only on the areas that produces more oil.


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